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Today we are linked with three creative blogs, Macro Monday, showing, of course, photographer's creative shots and Creative Everyday sharing creations of all kinds. Also Inspire Me Monday (click on link to go there)

Creating at any age helps define the 'self'. Who are you? What attracts you? What feels good? What is fun? Exploring various creative mediums and eventually creating something  provides the self with another role besides daughter/son, wife/husband mother/father,worker/grandparent. You will know when you find a creative method that speaks to you. Listen for and feel a little 'flutter of excitement'. Wow! This feels good. This is fun. It may take some time and trial and error; trust your intuitive self and stay with the process. The photo below is a three year old experimental creation that was all part of the process of coming to where I am right now. Today. I still 'play' and explore with creating.

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Wishing you a magical and happy day and week to follow.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY ~ ' Only the dreamer can change the dream.' (John Logan)

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  1. Love the beautiful Poppy!! I only have one poppy plant and I love them so much . I really need to get some more :0)

  2. Nice photo! You are creating many things. Have a nice week to start!

  3. Oh Carol, poppies are one of my absolute favorite flowers...they bring up that childhood feeling of anticipation, school is almost out and summer is on its way. This is such a lovely photo. Thanks for the fond memory!

  4. My eyes are glued to the poppy... Reminds me of spring and the place where I grew up.

  5. Hi Carol,

    Gorgeous orange poppy! I love the scenery with the rocks behind it. So pretty.

  6. Great quote! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  7. Your work looks like stained glass. . . . it works on quilting too. Love the creativity here. Blessings, Janet

  8. That poppy is one beautiful color!!!!

  9. I love poppies! We just had our first open in the garden this past week, and that's what I posted today also... :) Happy Magical Monday, Carol!

  10. Beautiful! I just noticed today my neighbors poppy's have bloomed...just a gorgeous flower! Thanks for stopping by today :)

  11. Oh that is a beautiful orange poppy. Such a bright and beautiful colour.

  12. Gorgeous!!

    And thank you for always commenting on my Gracie posts. She is making me laugh in her "nekkedness" and I actually was worrying about her getting sunburned out there!!!

    Have a beautimous day every day in every way!!

  13. That is the most scruptious coloured poppy I have ever seen!

  14. Thanks for hosting - I love your thoughts on creativity! :-)

    Create With Joy

  15. I love your poppy and your words on creativity are interesting and also inspiring. I think listening to your creative muse is so important!

  16. Carol, that's a beautiful 3 year old "experiment"! i love the thick black lines around the whole thing...
    Isn't it amazing to see the change in our artwork (and in ourselves) when we look back, even only a few years?
    Thanks for sharing! Have yourself a great week. xoxo


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