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Morning Sun

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In MA we are having our fourth day of rain. Needless to say I had to find a photo I had taken of the sun! The sun is one of my favorite things. I am glad we are having the rain as the earth sorely needs it. Today we are linked with two very creative blogs similar yet unique. The photo above is for My Favorite Things and the photo below is for This and That. It is a petite 'intuitive painting that I did with a little of 
this and that'. 
Life is filled with 'this and that' and I am focusing some learning on seeing the 'sacred in the ordinary.' Life is a gift and each day is special. How are you living each day, each moment to enjoy life?

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Twice I have lived forever in a smile.' (E.E. Cummings)


  1. we could use some of that rain here!

  2. Beautiful lighting in your photograph!

  3. The sun is gorgeous! Love, LOVE the painting

  4. I love that sunrise - it's so special to see those over the water. I like how your painting is a little of "this or that". Very appropriate!
    Hope the rain lets off soon!

  5. Lovely painting! I can relate to the rain - it's been drizzling here all day and it's still a bit chilly. I am looking forward to have some nice sunny and warm weather...

  6. Life as a whole is ordinary and sacred. Enjoy it to the max even when the sun isn't shining.

  7. I love your picture and your painting. We are having rain today and it is cold. Brrr.


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