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Today's post is for Sunday and that means we are exploring artists' sketches and photographers photos. These sketches vary in style and medium. All are a wonderful way to fill the 'soul' with beauty and ideas for creativity. The photos are yet another way to think about where does your soul feel 'paradise' might be? Stunning to the eyes, you will revel in both the sketches and the photos and spirits may begin to soar from the sheer beauty.

The above photograph is an Asian style brush painting that I have done within the past week before I came down with yet another major 'head and chest cold' ~ nature's way of telling me to slow down? Me thinks.

The photo below is a place that could depict 'paradise'; yet I feel I live in a place that is 'paradise' for me. Grateful. I visited this little town in the photo below and it felt very much like a little New England coastal town.

North Carolina ~ A Type of Paradise Town

Hope you enjoy the artists' sketches and the photographers photos of paradise. Take a little joy with you for your 'spirit' this week. Happy Sunday to you.

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  1. oh he is a happy bird - really love this brush technique..

  2. This little bird seems about to bathe in the little puddle in front of him. Paradise for a bird! I love the little town you photographed. I also feel that where I live is paradise. Some might not agree, but I feel no need to "go on vacation" somewhere else! It's good to be content where we are. :)

  3. what a great sketch Carol!!!! well done!!! love when the birds bathe!!!

  4. love your post today... my 4th grade teacher used to call me magpie because i talked so much! :-) what nc town is depicted in the photo?

  5. The bird is just lovely and I am enjoying seeing the postcard series... a great glimpse of your travels...xx

  6. sweet sketch! and nice take on paradise!

  7. Love the magpie...and the photo is fab...looks like a wonderful place to be.. :)

  8. Is that a crow? Wonderful!!
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  9. sweet bird sketch and your photo makes me long for the beach...

  10. Thank you for sharing joy in your sketch and photograph. Have a good week.

  11. Sorry to hear that you've not been feeling well again. I do hope you can find some peace, solitude and healing very soon. Lovely Asian style bird, Carol. Keep up the great work! :)

  12. Birdie looks like a maggie (magpie) from our haunts. Nice brushwork.

    And thanks for the photo of the seaside town. I find things like this fascinating because it looks nothing like the seaside towns here, but there are snatches of familiarity. I love discovering the differences in the similarities. I should dig up a seaside town piccy and post it so you can compare.

    Best wishes,

  13. So beautiful, peaceful and tranquil.

  14. love the asian brush work, as always. I saw a huge crow in flight the other day, watched him land and can't help but wonder if he wasn't really a Raven. He was giant. Mesmerizing actually. Love the costal photo!
    cheers, dana


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