Sunday Sketches and Post Cards from Paradise

Asian brush style painting and haiku

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It is the old adage 'practice makes perfect'. Well I have been practicing both Asian brush style painting and writing haiku and am improving but have no desire to be 'perfect.' I just want to be the best I can be at whatever it is I am doing. If I fall short, I have learned from Taoism that 'I am right where I am suppose to be.' Much freer than driven perfectionism don' t you think? Not to mention how my 'spirit' still feels good even when I am not at my best.

Today's post is for Sunday and that means Sunday Sketches and Post Cards from Paradise. Above is a photo of my most recent Asian style brush painting with a haiku that reads:

bursting with buds, bloom
sensational gift of nature
grateful ever nature.

 Sunday Sketches is about sketches; it is also about illustration type paintings. Post Cards from Paradise is about photography and where one finds 'paradise'. Below is a photo of one place that I find 'paradise'.

Being on a boat is always a 'little bit of Paradise

When I was a 'boater' with my husband before he died rather young, I always felt I was in 'paradise' out on the ocean. There is nothing quite like it when you are at one with the sea and hardly any boats around. Grateful I have those wonderful memories.

Explore both blogs, take time to comment and support their creative works and have fun.

Please take some time to Honor the Veterans during this Memorial Day in the USA. 'Freedom is not free.' They and their families paid a big price for us to live in freedom. Thanks.

Hugs and namaste,


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  1. You are doing really wonderfully with the zen paintings. Sorry to hear your hubby died young. :(
    LOVE your quote! Keep laughing! :)

  2. Hi carol, I wanted to answer your comment through email but you are a no reply blogger. Thank you soooo much for your beautiful haiku. I was so touched and delighted! Yes practice makes perfect! You are certainly getting better and better at composing haikus! I did not know you were a widow. Yes it is best to remember the good times than to dwell on what we have lost! Patsy from

  3. I have seen those lovely orchids in person, and your sketch does them great justice......and the boating memories - ahh, so sad but so lucky to have them....

  4. ~~love~~
    how you practice
    your brush paintings
    somepinkflowers ...


  5. You are so right about being on the sea is paradise. I agree whole-heartedly. I am also loving the brush stroke painting. I like the subtle colours.

  6. dear carol,
    thank you for your strength as you float on this sea of sweet memories. it is so difficult to navigate life without our loved ones. your ability to treasure the life you shared keeps your husband as true north in your heart of hearts. your courage in doing so paves the way for those wavering on the long journey of loss.
    thank you for your presence here and the gift of your beauty.

  7. Finding contentment where you are sounds wonderful.
    Always enjoy sketched and haiku.

  8. Memories of the ocean and your loved one touch my heart, thank you for sharing this and your lovely artwork too. Love to you two from me and my boys (dogs) Dougal & Jasper. x

  9. The flower looks like a rodedendron (sp) . My favorite flower. Terah

  10. oh what a great post Carol!!!! wishing you a wonderful long weekend!!!!

  11. You have beautiful memories to warm your heart...

  12. beautiful flowers today Carol! And the boat photo is lovely.

  13. I'm so glad you have those precious memories of freedom on the water!

    Hear My Voice

  14. Really love the delicate strokes in your work, full of wonderful energy! :0)

  15. dear carol,,

    i wanted to share that the post i included you in for memorial day has been posted at finally me.
    you can find your wisdom and heart included here

    may your heart be filled with those you love and be deeply comforted today.


  16. What a lovely post card for a moment of solitude! I enjoy your brush paintings as well!

  17. I was going to ask you if there is a link to an art/sketch journal blog - but first decided to check your other memes and found the postcard blog. That is a very nice blog to participate in - I got all teary eyed reading some of the remembrances - especially since I remembered a loved one today in one of my photos with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I love your sketch and haiku!

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