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Welcome to my blog where I view life from the eyes of an artist's soul and explore with (my assistant, ArtMuse Dog) how creativity enhances the inner spirit.

Today we are exploring and linked with Haiku Heights , Artists in Blogland and Foto Finish. We are exploring artists, poets and photographers who do, indeed, enhance my inner spirit with their beauty and humor.
Do hope you will join us on today's journey and feel your spirit soar at the sight of all the wonderful creativity.

The photo above is for Artists in Blogland and Foto Finish,() a blog that I am linking to for the first time.  My haiku with word prompt, 'wisdom'            
is below and is for Haiku Heights. Enjoy. ^_^


gather knowledge in
perhaps, develop wisdom
answers lie within.

wisdom by practice
daily attitude by some
mind developed well.

wisdom born of wise
diligent joyous journey
laugh beginning self.

Wishing you a happy and magical weekend.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.' (Anais Nin)


  1. Being prepared to gather knowledge can pave the way for wisdom to evolve.

  2. beautiful Haiku and such a wonderful powerful quote,

  3. Loved the second set of haiku "wisdom by practice", and even the pic is great! wishing you a happy weekend :)

  4. Super scenic photo - great sky....I espec. liked your first verse where you explore knowledge vs wisdom...well-done

  5. You have a magical weekend, too!
    Lovely quote! :)

  6. Peaceful stillness in your photo, lovely words. xox

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photograph and I loved the haiku.

  8. Dear Art Muse Dog,
    I would like you to be my friend. You have a very cool bed. I don't have my own bed so I sleep on my human's. I'm going to tell my human that I want to be a muse too.

    Ssssssssssssssssssssssssniffingly yours,
    P.S. What do Art Muses Dogs do?
    P.P.S. My human wants your human to know she liked the haiku.

  9. wisdom by practice, learning and experience, beautifully penned!

  10. superb photograph complementing a lovely haiku :-)

  11. What a view! The first Haiku is something I have been always hearing from our epics & traditions...I love the way it has been dealt with here. Love your presentation:)

  12. Beautifully composed set...I loved the first one....about knowledge and wisdom...

  13. amazing Picture Carol and the second haiku is my favorite...


  14. Beautiful haiku .. i loved the second one ..

  15. Yes, I believe as you do that a well-developed mind can lead to wisdom.

    Gathering Wisdom


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