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Today we are exploring poetry, poets and more specifically, haiku. We are linked today to Haiku Heights with many talented poets from all parts of the world. The word 'prompt' to contribute haiku to this blog is 'ordinary'. Below are my haiku:


sacred in simple
ordinary in days spent
seeing divine time.

awesome time spent here.
seeing ordinary there
in nature's presence.

two little sparrows
ordinary species fly
learn about life here.

Hope you are enjoying the haiku here and other poets' haiku at the link above. Wishing you a happy and wonderful week.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Poetry, like the moon, doesn't advertise anything.' ( William Blisset)


  1. Orchids and bamboo and plum blossoms are my very favorites in Chinese brush painting. Lovely! :)

  2. Can learn a lot from the first flight of the birds I think.. persistence and hope especially.. :) good take.

  3. There's so much of beauty in ordinary!
    Very nice set :)

    Painting heart with hope

  4. a beautiful and inspirational quote executed wrapped in serenity loved it!


  5. Nature in all its goodness! The inclusion of the sparrows strengthened nature's hold. Great haiku set Carol!


  6. Very cute and deep lines...I loved the sparrows example....

  7. To see the divine in the ordinary is the most inspiring experience! Lovely haiku!

  8. Love it, divine!, thanks for the awesome time!

  9. Divine, a lesson for all of us, thank you for awesome time !

  10. The ordinary
    sometimes contains the divine
    a good haiku set

  11. Your haiga is lovely. Beautiful drawing and thoughtful haiku :)

  12. I love your haiku set, especially the last one. seeing divine in ordinary is not everyone's cup of tea. thanks for sharing :)


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