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Today's post is Magical Monday Blog Hop along with exploring two other creative blogs Macro Monday and Creative Everyday. Why Magical? Not 'magical thinking' but magical, (giving a feeling of 'it just happens'.) Most behaviors appear that way; when, in fact, it all occurs step by step, nano second by nano second and here we are today. We are linked to photographers at Macro Monday and artists and artisans at Creative Everyday.

My Asian style brush painting is called a 'haiga' because today it has a haiku typed on it. Any haiku with a painting is meant to be a complement to, not explaination. According to books on 'haiga', it could be considered redundant or possibly rude. The painting is for Magical Monday and Creative Everyday. The photo below is for Macro Monday.

Lovely Iris for Macro Monday

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Wishing you a magical, loving and a week filled with peace.

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QUOTE FOR TODAY: ' If you are depressed, you are too high up in your mind.' (Carl Jung)


  1. I googled 'haiga', and understand its connection to the art of haiku....Gave me an even greater appreciation of your painting, and haiku brings to mind today's gusty winds....I loved the blue of the iris too....

  2. Love the orchid and haiku. Never heard that term before. Lovely iris, too. And odd quote--LOL! Have a great week. :)

  3. What a beautiful Haiku! Also love your Haiga. You have such talent!

  4. Wonderful line work. Thanks for the info about Haiga.
    Happy Painting.

  5. Beautiful! The color nearly matches one of the photos in my blog today.

  6. Una forma de expresarse con mínima pincelada, elegante y bella.


  7. Hi Carol! Beautiful flowers... Thanks so much for hosting Magical Monday! It is what you make it out to be :)


  8. I just love this hop, and your haiga is beautiful. Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  9. What a lovely haiga Carol! This is one of my favourite paintings so far! And that iris is a beautiful shade!

  10. I clicked to see a lovely photo of an Iris (one of my fav flowers) and was rewarded with a beautiful haiga! What a treat!
    with gratitude,

  11. Oh what a magical place! Your haiga has my day all wrapped up. Very blustery here today. And that iris color is really nice. I just found you via Karen and added a link to my blog post. Great to find your site!

  12. Carol, thank you for the definition of a HAIGA. Yours is beautiful... i especially love the expressive black ink flowers...i think this is one of my favorites by you so far. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week, girl! xoxo

  13. Beautiful painting, wonderful poem, great photograph, and wonderful quote! Just a lovely post, thank you.

  14. Love your painting and the poem! Like your chop too... Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  15. I never knew that it might be considered rude- must admit don't know how those beautiful brush strokes could ever be considered rude!

  16. Wonderfully done Carol.
    Thank you for visiting my haiku-blog. A new "Tackle It Tuesday" is on, come and enjoy the fun.

  17. Thank you to all who are participating in the Magical Monday Meme ~ Remember it is for all types of creative work ~ pass the word ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^


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