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Rockport Sunflowers

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Today being Tuesday's post we are exploring poetry, more specifically, Japanese haiku and photography and its creative elements such as altering a photo. There is beauty here on the two blogs we are linked with, poetic and visual beauty. Being able to appreciate beauty is a characteristic of the inner spirit.
The word prompt for Tackle It Tuesday was 'sunflowers' and my photo is altered from color to black and white for Tones for Tuesday is below to enjoy.


sunflowers live name
pointing toward sun like plants
ever giving light.

from a little seed
sunflowers grow tall, giving
its beauty to all.

my friend the flowers
delight in sunflowers, sweet
faces of light shine.
carol l mckenna

Fishing Boats of Cape Ann ~ last of a very large fleet.

The fishing fleet is struggling, as most fishermen are, to survive. Over the years what seemed like a never ending supply of fish in the ocean are severely depleted. As change comes to all, Cape Ann is hoping to hold on to a tradition of the 'Fishermen of Gloucester.'

Hope you enjoyed the haiku and the very different photographs here. Enjoy the blogs we are linked to today.

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  1. beautiful haiku, we have abused the ocean so now we are suffering, I feel so bad for the fisherman, so sad, I only hope its not too late too right the wrong, keep our oceans clean and productive,

  2. Hello Carol, this is really a wonderful triplet of haiku on sunflowers. It's a joy to read them and visualize the sunflowers. I love sunflowers.
    This picture ... wonderful.


  3. Lovely set....describing beauty of bright sunflower.....enjoyed reading your haiku :)

  4. Lovely post and beautiful picture of the sunflowers

  5. Sadly, the fishing fleet is in trouble. I like the fishing boats in b&w and can smell the ocean. REALLY, I can...even though I now live in Ontario. I taught school a couple of years in Gloucester - a long, long time ago.

  6. Photo of sunflowers - awesome....b&w of boats - wonderful and sad too...my dad was a fisherman in Gloucester's hey-day.....I guess you see so much more when your walk around rather than drive....I love the line 'face of light'

  7. Lovely sunflowers and haiku to match!
    The fishermen's lives are changing, that's for sure. I wish they had more regulations for the huge companies.
    Have a super day!! :)

  8. Just LOVE the sunflower picture!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  9. I love sunflowers! What a wonderful photograph of them, thank you for sharing it.

  10. Beautiful haiku set,Carol! The pic is delightful!



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