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'Sally go round the roses'

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for 'Just Add Water Silly'
'zen tangle'

There is positive energy and the not so positive energy. It is one energy; yet, doesn't some people's energy, at times, feel better to you? Even on the Internet words have a 'ring' to them. Sometimes they even seem to 'jump off' the page and send a quality message. I find Tackle It Tuesday has a very decided energy with all the creative poets and their haiku. 

Fill your inner spirit with the energy that enhances your feelings. Read some haiku and follow Tackle It Tuesday and enjoy some zen tangle art at 'Just Add Water Silly'. The prompt for haiku today was 'exposure'. Below are my haiku:


group belonging here
behaviors of exposure
true self revealed now.

profanity wounds
exposure to vulgar one
give no credence them.

exposure to love
heals wounded souls good energy
dualistic thought?

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' One who is with Tao is never lonely but is an integral part of the natural cycle.' (Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao)


  1. Wonderful post. I always find new things on your blog.


  2. Beautiful haiku Carol! The last one gives hope for good relationships. Nice write!


  3. Always love your haikus. And that zentangle is so lovely!!

  4. I forgot that song! Had to go find it on youtube--LOL! ;)

    I don't like profanity, either. I agree. Some words, even on the internet, just jump out with an energy of their own. Can be invigorating, healing, encouraging...:):)

    Pretty little girl with her roses. Here's Sally Go Round The Roses:

  5. Carol, little Sally is adorable, and the 'zen tangle' would make a great tatoo! Your haiku set was great, espec. the 'exposure to love'...

  6. Very nice haiku! Also love the zen tangle, it's intriguing!

  7. I love words, always have, I try and find those words that jump off the page all the time. I enjoy reading you haily too, and lovely zentangle! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Wonderfully composed Carol. Lovely verses on "exposure". Thank you for being part of Tackle It Tuesday.

  9. great tangle and little Sally is a delight... it must have been hard to tackle tangle with all the details when you have been working so hard on simplifying lines... you made it look easy xx

  10. Thanks for your loyalty and posting to apr, it's appreciated. Your tangle name looks great.

  11. Great post, Carol ... I like the identification of positive energies when I work with a meme ... sometimes the site doesn't "set right" and sometimes, the same for the prompt!!

    Thank you for sharing ~~

  12. Love the zentangle with the name and little Sally is so cute.

  13. kewl tangle....love the name involvement....


  14. Sketches,Tangles and haiku, who could ask for more!

  15. Such a lot of interesting detail Carol.
    ArtMuse Dog looks so cute...my mufftypup would love to play ^-^
    I adore drawing zentangles and always find other peoples designs intriguing, so thanks for sharing :D



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