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For 52 Photo Projects

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This post being for Wednesday means we are exploring blogs of photographers, favorite photos, poets and silence ~ silence being a Wordless Wednesday blog. We have added one on Tuesday and will start here.

Tones on Tuesday ~ altering photography ~ creative and welcoming.
52 Photo Projects ~ prompt was to do a photo in black and white. The above photo is my choice for this prompt. Despite having ArtMuse Dog with me on the beach these two pigeons didn't budge and she didn't bother them. I was able to get two shots that I like. The other one is below.

Haiku Sensational ~ word prompt for haiku was 'universal'. At this blog it is a 5-7-5 style and universal didn't leave much room. Yet I was able to write three haiku which are below.


wind, rain,sun,snow, sleet
universal naturals
some no snow, sleet there.

diverse relations
love, universal to all
many choices to mate.

universal peace
possible, hopeful, wishful
maybe someday all.

For 'Favorite Photos and Wordless Wednesday'

The above photo is one I chose for Favorite Photos and Aquariann's Wordless Wednesday. It was taken the same day as the photo above and you can see  how close I was able to get with using minimal telephoto lens. It was a 'high' that day on the beach and I got some wonderful photos and ArtMuse Dog got to explore off her leash which quite fun to watch.

Do hope you have enjoyed the photos and haiku and will visit the wonderful photographer, poets and wordless blogs. (click on blog titles to visit. Enjoy.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Who tells a finer tale than any of us? Silence does.' (Isak Dinesen)


  1. Beautiful birds!! Your lens must be nice - it even picked up the subtle colors in their feathers.

    -:¦:- Featured Photo: Blooming Magnolia -:¦:-

  2. Good shot of the pigeons. I like that top shot, too.. something timeless about it.

  3. that is a wonderful close shot of the happy birds
    sounds like a magical day

  4. that is a wonderful close shot of the happy birds
    sounds like a magical day

  5. Looks like a gorgeous sunny day!

  6. You made pigeons look wonderful! Great haiku, espec. the last....

  7. universal dreams of peace! thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Hard to say which picture I love more ...

  9. Lovely shot of the pigeons. Pigeons often get a bad rap, but I think they're such pretty, innocent birds. Have a super day! :)

  10. Love the third haiku. Maybe ... some day!

  11. Love the birds! The top shot looks so barren to me!

  12. Love that last haiku with universal peace!

  13. that's a beautiful b&w shot. glad the birds cooperated with you! (to answer your question from my blog--no, you do not have to ask permission to take pictures of strangers in NY :) thanks for stopping by.

  14. The second haiku makes me wonder about how many possible soul mates are out there?? Love your photo!


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