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Schooners on Cape Ann, MA

Welcome to our blog where I view life from the eyes of an artist's soul and with my assistant, ArtMuse Dog, we explore how creativity enhances the inner spirit.

The ocean is such a gorgeous part of nature's palette. It never is the same, like life it is in constant movement, ebbing and flowing. Much like the 'days of our lives' the sea can always be viewed with 'new eyes'. With a painting, one needs to step back and let it be. With poetry you also need to let it sit and become what it is. How can all this beauty not enhance your inner spirit if you have the essence to see it. Today, just walking, sitting by the ocean with a friend and Art Muse Dog I could feel my spirit soar.

This post is for Saturday and today we are linked to a poetry blog and a photography blog. Both filled with treasures for the eyes to view and fill your spirit with delight. The blogs to link with are:

Haiku Heights

Your Sunday Best

The photo above is of the inner harbor of Cape Ann. These two schooners were restored and now offer cruises to the public. They are absolutely a wonderful site to see and travel in the harbor. My haiku poetry with the theme of 'vital' is below:


oxygen, water
necessary to living
heart arrests, no air.

illusions lived by
things vital to life
fooling self with stuff.

Maslow's hierarchy needs
clear explanation
living life, actualize.

Hope you enjoy the wonderful poets and photographers that we are linked to today. Wishing you all you need and want.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'An artist, under the pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself.' (Pierre Auguste Renoir)


  1. Lovely picture ~ Enjoyed your haiku set ~

    Have a good weekend ~

  2. I enjoyed my stay here as always, you have new things to give every time. cheers!

  3. Enjoyed reading your take on the things that are vital to life. Have a great weekend, Carol. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  4. So true Carol.. we do fool our existence tym n agn!
    Our day, her vital night!

  5. "fooling self with stuff" is a wonderful expression of anti-materialism -- visiting from HaikuWater

  6. Those schooners look so peaceful out on the water. Nice haikus. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  7. liked the photo so much....and your set - espec. the 2nd....I google Maslow's hierarchy and agree totally with his 'vital statistics'....

  8. Fooling ourselves and loving it! Beautiful write Carol!


  9. Actually, Yes!! Let that be the goal..

  10. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed my visit here from Haiku Heights.
    Siggi in Downesst Maine

  11. Possessions do not define a person. I like your sentimenet.

  12. Creative expressions there and a lovely picture



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