Haiku Sensational and Wordless Wednesday

Sky Concert

Red Fire Heat


(for Haiku Sensational)

seasons have their temps
acclimate as nature does
homeostatic blend.

in heat of night, sweat
summertime temps climb higher
visualize north pole.

humidity time
slows, mind and body, relax
another season.
Nature's Palette

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  1. all I can say is wow, wow, wow,

  2. I just love sky photos! Those are amazing!
    And the flower is beautiful, too. :)

  3. gorgeous set of clouds! I'm still requesting more pics of the dog! :)

  4. The sky was absolutely gorgeous! I hope the weather is less humid now.

  5. Lovely haiku! I love the pictures.

  6. exciting words to go with rising temps! love the expression of heat!

  7. Awesome and inspiring pics! And love the pics of the Yorkie. We have one too named Beau. He's about 12 years old and a bit grouchy but he gets along just fine.

  8. your sky concert sang to me....and your set gives me a few more tools to deal with 'heat'....

  9. Amazing sky pictures!!!


  10. Those sunsets are amazing! I think I might have to see if that visualizing the North Pole really works!

  11. Love your collage of skies! Beautiful cloud shapes and patterns!

  12. Those skies are luminous. And congratulations on your 300th follower! That's awesome, Carol.

  13. Beautiful sets of photos you have here Carol! A good photo needs an artist's eye. That comes with talents as you've shown here!


  14. Gorgeous pictures and love the haiku, so creative! Your blog looks very inspiring, I will start following.

  15. Seasons and humidity do relax - wonderfully expressed. Your sky photos are wordlessly talkative too!

  16. I like all three heat haiku - especially the "visualize the north pole" :)

  17. I like all three heat haiku - especially the "visualize the north pole" :)

  18. Lovely lines and amazing shots .... you really have a beautiful creative side to your personality :-)


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