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Sunday on Cape Ann MA Harbor

Asian Style Brush Painting

The top photo was taken yesterday from our deck using a telephoto lens. The harbor was filled with sailboats and this green sail just stood out so regally that I couldn't resist taking my best shot.  The second photo is done in watercolor this time rather than the traditional ink. The third photo is of some Black Eyed Susan's that were 'begging to be photographed.

Today is Magical Monday for all you creative people in whatever medium you choose to express yourself. Link up at bottom of post and don't forget to leave a link of your Monday post back to our blog either using text or our button on sidebar.  Looking forward to seeing what you all are creating. Thanks.

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  1. I love daisies and yours are so friendly!!! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  2. Carol, all of your work is beautiful. How wonderful to be able to take such a great picture from your deck. I would love to be closer to water. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Love that sailboat. I can see why the green sail captured your attention ad camera's eye!

  4. Love the harbor and the black eye Susan, two of my favorite visions, thanks for the Monday inspirations! Cheri

  5. What a nice view you have from your deck...lucky the green sailboat! First time visiting here...I joined in your meme today!

  6. Beautiful, love the painting!

  7. Hi Carol-I've only visited your blog once or twice in the past. After scrolling through a few posts I wish I'd come back sooner. I like your focus on such a variety of creative art forms. This particular post is a visual record of a perfect weekend, it seems.

    And, of course, I love your Muse. Chet the 6 month old puppy is mine--or he give me a lot of blog fodder--and is asleep at my feet as I type.

  8. I love all three, but the picture of the black eyed susans is especially lovely!

    1. Indeed very creative and beautiful pictures and your doggie is a doll !

  9. You have a nice view of the water from your deck.

  10. I guess I missed that colorful sailboat Sunday....nice catch, and I love the black-eyes sues....

  11. I love your drawing and Your Pics ! Very beautiful!

  12. Lovely photos and drawing! Have a great week :)

  13. I love the photographs and your flower painting is super sweet!

  14. Hi Carol (and artmusedog). I just had an oops moment. I changed my mind about the photo i was sharing but not the title! Can you change it for me please - should be Lion at Sydney Zoo.
    And thanks so much for visiting my blog:)


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