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One of Cape Ann, MA ~ Fishing Boats

Welcome to our blog where I view life from the eyes of an artist's soul and with my assistance, ArtMuse Dog explore how creativity enhances the inner spirit.

As a child I was given a paint box and a small 'brownie' camera, being a very observant child it was a natural for me. Yet, along with that later came the 'adage' you can not make any money being an artist. So I took the pragmatic route and went to college yet always finding outlets for my creativity whether it was intellectually, emotionally or physically. Now, am grateful I have the time to create art and practice photography, yet always feel I am 'playing catch up'. It is fun, though. So today we are linked with photographers from around the world as well as poets. We are linked with:

Tackle It Tuesday


Our World Tuesday

The photo above is for Our World Tuesday and is a photograph of one of the very few left of the famous Gloucester Fishing Fleet. It is a beautiful boat in a beautiful town. My haiku for Tackle It Tuesday is below and is based on the theme of this photo below:


in a small village
far from the maddening crowd
 maze to contemplate.

labyrinth walking
meditate, contemplating
listen inner soul.

lush green of nature
delighting the inner soul
gift from the spirit.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'The work of art is a scream of freedom.' (Christo)


  1. Hi Carol!
    I just posted an inspirational poem in today's post. Care to check it out? www.thesilverkickdiaries.com.
    Love you as always! :)

  2. Love the photo of the fishing boat!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I love the shot of the old fishing boat. Lovely haiku and I love your cute doggie. Great images, thanks for sharing.

  4. Like the others, I love your capture of the old fishing boat! Beautiful little doggie!! Hope you have a great week!


  5. Hi Carol

    I love beautiful New England scenes such as the fishing boat in your first photo. =Ii also loved your haiku!

  6. Old fishing boats can be an experience. Been on smaller boats. Even then it was fun! It's a tough life out there! The doggie is cute, Carol!


  7. Beautiful...Carol..I too used the word gift in my haiku here.. http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2012/07/natures-ornaments.html

  8. I love your photos Carol, they're beautiful.
    Have a lovely day!

  9. The boat looks understandably tired.....and your haiku set had a very floating and soothing feel.....

  10. From one Carol to another Carol..

    I love that you are taking time to catch up on your true passions. Fishing boats have a "salt of the earth" feel to them that your photograph has done a wonderful job of capturing. I liked the Haiku as well.

  11. I'm glad you got back to the painting and photography!
    Lovely haikus, too. :)

  12. I cannot decide which Haiku is a favorite ... all three speak to me. Also love the fishing boat -- reminds me of home!! I am late in visiting :-(, but I did beat the deadline of another prompt :-) Breakfast with a View


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