Poets and Photographers Wednesday

'After the Storm' ~ B is for Boat for ABC Wednesday

Today we are sharing photos, letter B for Boat, and haiku. The above photo is one I took early evening after the thunderstorm. Generally, I find that after we have a rain storm, snow storm any kind of storm the sky is then ominous, created by nature's very own palette.

The photo below is to share with you the labyrinth that is just about completed and is allowing me, family and friends to do meditative walks and become grounded and centered when needed. The labyrinth is also related to the haiku prompt from Haiku Sensational  which was 'middle'. When doing a meditative walk through the labyrinth, it is generally about walking a path and arriving at the center ~ (center of self and your path). 

Labyrinth ~ nearing completion!


seesaw life, balance,
prepare for worst, hope for best
Arrive in middle.

speeding lane kills fast
slow lane forever a day
middle lane sure bet.

off the fence, make choice
middle place is safe, nowhere,
balance when needed.

Enjoy the photos of photographers and haiku of poets.

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  1. LOVE the labyrinth.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. The world of that harbor is very beautiful. Thank you for this excellent post.

  3. I love the quote Carol and the photos as well.

    Set of B's
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. It's nice to have a labyrinth walk like yours. But weeding and gardening is meditative too, just like cross-stitching. When you lost focus you will do a wrong cross or the work will not be nice. I do both, and the real meditation too! See you in the ether!

  5. What a beautiful picture - After the Storm - the sky looks not unlike a Welsh coastal sky - the labyrinth is an interesting theory - thanks for sharing - Jane UK

  6. I love the first verse of your Haiku in particular and I think everyone should have a labrynth, (yours is beautifully made) ...brilliant idea..very grounding.

  7. I really love the first verse of your Haiku and the labrynth is amazing...we should all have one....beautifully created!

  8. Wow, photos, memes, and haiku. The middle road can be safest, but the biggest adventures are waiting elsewhere..........

    Loved the haiku. Thought provoding!

  9. Wow, photos, memes, and haiku. The middle road can be safest, but the biggest adventures are waiting elsewhere..........

    Loved the haiku. Thought provoding!

  10. Ah, yes, balance is so important.

  11. middle is safe and sure, lovely haiku sentiments and the path is beautiful!

  12. What a beautiful blog you have...so much to enjoy! I'll be back. Thanks for visiting me.

  13. Balance is something we all need in our lives.


  14. wonderful set, Carol, and I could relate to each so well.....I often live in the middle of the road....

  15. Enjoyable post, love the photos and the haiku.

  16. That is one of my ALL time favorite quotes!! Stopping by from the GFC blog hop and am now a new follower! Would love if you would stop by Crazy Mama Drama!:)



  17. This labyrinth path seems to be an interesting thing - looks great!

  18. Is there a middle place in a labyrinth, or only a center? Just wondering...

  19. The ocean, like the mountains, is beautiful in almost any weather. And when it's not beautiful, it's at least dramatic! It would be fun to be able to go floating out there on a boat when the mood struck.

    I love your labyrinth! There's just something so alluring about a meandering path...

    Balance is so important, and often so elusive. I like your haiku, especially the first verse.

    Between the beautiful view in your header photo and adorable ArtMuse Dog, it's no wonder you're inspired to take beautiful photos and write lovely poetry! :-)

  20. I visited Cape Ann several years ago; what a beautiful place to live! Great choices for the letter B. Your labyrinth is wonderful. I want to transport it into my backyard. I can also totally relate to your clever haikus! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Wonderful Haiku.It is so much fun to read. I enjoyed it.
    thank you so much.

    Mine is here

  22. Hello Carol, I have so enjoyed seeing your labyrinth come into being! Loved the prep pictures as well, and your haiku brings us to the yin and yang of walking the path of life... and into the beauty of your spiral, finding that path beneath our feet with intent and groundedness... thank you so for making sure that I got to enjoy this lovely creation of yours!


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