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Summer Guest ~ front view

Summer Guest ~ Rear View

Asian Style Brush Painting ~ 'Blessing Bowl'
(see previous post on Begging Bowl series)


blessing bowl today
Tao being everywhere
ever flowing life.

In creating everyday, Tao, the Spirt, the Goddess is the source of my creations and when manifested in photos, words or painting, my inner spirit is filled.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Rather paint the flying spirit of the bird than its feathers.' ~ Robert Henri


  1. Great close ups of that bug -- we call them candle flies.

  2. i want to softly stroke
    that moth-y one
    never a good idea...

    you make her look
    for such
    a thing...

  3. That moth is on the right side of the screen--that is the outside! I can appreciate his beauty there, but not when they fly into my coffee or buzz around my head.

    Really appreciate your sharing your paintings and drawings with us regularly. Love to see how individual artists interpret a subject.

  4. Love the idea of blessing your bowl, it sounds like a good idea. I'm reading at the moment about a ritual of blessing one's head for what it will receive. x
    Namaste x

  5. Good morning Carol, a wonderful week, I wish you and the butterfly is from above and below really worth seeing, I like it very well ...

    because of you I'm on that topic HAIKU come and try me now so, if it works, if all go well, if that is right, I do not know yet, but a new idea is always welcome and so I have a blog to furnished ...

    if it should interest you, look out

    and above all I am pleased with criticism, just may have her be better ...

    Greetings from the hot sun here Geli and caress your sweet ArtMuse Dog

  6. what a GREAT quote for today, gorgeous header photo!!

  7. This summer I have seen close-ups of moths showing their beauty, previously unappreciated by me...and yours in no exception - super capture! and here's to a full blessing bowl today....

  8. De är inte så vackra när de syns i närbild.Ha de gott.

  9. oh what a wonderful set of photos and love the quote Carol!!!! wonderful ink piece too!!!! wishing you a wonderful week!!!!

  10. Wow, that is really cool! You're lucky he sat still all that time so you could get such nice shots :)

  11. Cats like to chase them when they fly into the house!

  12. love the beautiful patterns on these moths...and of course your newest drawing in your begging bowl series!

  13. What an ugly beast ! My cats too love to jump after them ! Like your painting !

  14. I love looking at moths and butterflies. You have done well here to capture both sides of this moth.

  15. What an amazing shot of your summer guest! I love how moths stay still and let you get a good look at them, as opposed to butterflies and other bugs--

    My dogs like to chase moths, though, so if the dogs get a look at them, there's no peace for anyone--

  16. Awk! That a prettier version of the moths that were dive bombing my face this! I wish my influx had stayed quietly on a screen and left me alone. ;)


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