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G ~ for Gull ~ ABC Wednesday

Welcome to our post for Wednesday and Thursday. The above photo is one of Cape Ann's finest ~ the classic seagull. The seagull's noise is a sound heard regularly on Cape Ann. Being an island connected by two bridges, you know you are surrounded by nature and many opportunities to relax and create. Mr Gull was waiting to board 'The Lannon' ~ an Essex built schooner that was having a Celtic music cruise and Mr Gull was going to have a fine time with good weather, great sail and excellent music.

The photo below was taken while aboard The Lannon. One of the musician's had lost their music sheets overboard. This kayaker came to the rescue and saved the sheet music.

O is for Oar or Ocean  for Alphabe

Hope these photos show the wonderful natural energy that Cape Ann holds and fills the spirit with peace, love and joy. Take a wonderful deep breath and breathe the salt air in today.

Below are my haiku for Haiku Sensational


fireboat sprays water
welcoming schooners coming
harbor festival.

wings of fine water
greeting schooners arrival
celebrating soon.

tradition, a gem
signifies sacred moment
mesmerizing soul.

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Hope you enjoy the salt air town and the wonderful creative blogs and the creative rural fresh air blogs on Thursday. We love seeing the various places around the USA and the World.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.' ~ MS Escher


  1. Wow! Love the gull and that's amazing that the sheet music was saved by a kind stranger. Nice to hear things like that. :)

  2. Nice shots! Seagulls and I don't get along, though - too many have tried to steal my fries at the beach. :p

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Purple Allium Flower

  3. Well written haiku ... and amazing photographs as always :-)

  4. I never experienced kayaking , looks like fun.

    Golden Rule
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  5. Great haiku - especially the one on tradition.

  6. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, lovely photos.

  7. Love the Kayaker coming to the rescue!

  8. love the blue of the water (and still waiting for a new photo of the cute dog) :)

  9. I really enjoyed the haiku, but your pictures are fabulous! They really make me want to come visit your beautiful location.

  10. Haiku: perfect. Gull: Exemplary. Post: Always an enjoyable visit♫♪

  11. Fun photos! The gull looks very alert and your ArtMuse dog is adorable! Glad the kayaker saved the musician's music sheets!

  12. I like the ocean blue color. have a good day.

  13. nice pics. when i see the seagull - i think. mine mine mine mine. the love of nemo.

  14. Beautiful shots and I like your haikus too. Carver, ABC wed. Team

  15. Loved the post - the pics and the tale! Specially the one about the kayaker retrieving the music sheet!!

  16. Carol, lovely post. Great photos and a nice variety of Haiku. It is always a pleasure to visit.
    Acorn Falling Rain

  17. Great shot of a pretty but mischievous bird! They steal my chips too!

  18. Good to have oars if you're in a kayak...nice that he did a good deed in saving the music!

  19. Oh What a LOVELY LOVELY blog!Art Muse Dog, U r just too cute for words. And it's amazing how creative you are!
    Thanks for coming by our blog. We very much enjoyed visiting yours. See you around,
    Wags n hugs, Buddy, Ginger, Shadow n Mummy

  20. Cute picture of a seagull ! I love them, they are so intelligent and sometimes really vicious, they always remind me of my yearly holidays at the English South East coast, there are sooooo many !

  21. Cape Ann sounds like a wonderful place to live. I grew up in a small fishing village and I love the sea, boats, seagulls, etc

  22. Very beautiful and well taken!
    Have a super blessed day!
    My WW-

  23. Thank you for visiting Wordless Wednesday at I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your photo this past week! And please visit this week’s Observing Beauty linky, too – it’s up and running!
    I hope to see you again soon.
    Have a great week,

  24. nice ones! love that cute seagull!

  25. I love all the water in your's so refreshing!

  26. I just love little seaport towns in Mass. I love kayakers that rescue music when it falls into the bay. I love your photos too! and your little blog. :)

    Have a great day!

  27. Love the sea gull, he seems to be smiling for the camera!

  28. I love this post... the pictures, the haiku... everything! :D
    Amy x

  29. Nice haiku! The water looks so blue in your pictures.

  30. What a beautiful post. I love what you are showing and saying. Have a nice week.

  31. That looks like a peaceful place. If I was a sea gull I'd want to hang out there to.

  32. Wow - what a wonderful shot and beautiful words (Haiku). Great !

  33. Oh yes, what beautiful pictures and an O-ceptional post! =D

  34. Nice pictures you show.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Wish you a good day :)
    Hanne Bente

  35. Great Haiku and wonderful post!
    Mine is here
    Have you an AWESOME WEEK!

  36. Oh no, if not, the water can sing.

  37. Well, I know from personal experience what a wonderful place Cape Ann is. :)

  38. Wonderful photos -- I especially like the gull!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  39. You make me feel like I'm visiting the ocean again :) Thank you!

  40. A Celtic music cruise sounds fun! May be the gull's a fan.

  41. Now I feel like I need another trip to OR

  42. Beautiful blue water and that gull looks like he owns the place. :)

  43. Some people think that sacred moments must be new and different. They can be, but as you point out, they can also be found in tradition.

    Desert Fence and Sky

  44. Love that the kayaker saved the music!

  45. We've been taking Lizzie and Mulligan to the beach a couple of times a week. They now know the word "beach" and race for the car. Mulligan loves chasing the gulls, and Lizzie loves visitng with the beachcombers!! I love your photos, Carol.

  46. Oh.


    This is a beautiful post.

    Absolutely outstanding.

    I'm going to look at the pictures again.

    Just really wonderful.

    Thank you for linking it.



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