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Tuesday and that means Photographers and Poets from around the world. The world is getting smaller it seems as we reach out to share photos, art, words with others from around the world. It is all very sacred ~ Sacred in the Ordinary.  We are all connected and 'children of the universe, no less than the trees or sky...' (Desiderata) is source for quote.
Tonight as we wind down from another lovely day of writing, painting, meditating, journaling, housekeeping, taking a walk; we are gearing up to share our creativity with:

Our World Tuesday Meme

Tackle It Tuesday


primal energy
life,death, return aleph, life
journey to ever.

epitome, yes
perhaps, exactly aleph
spiritual now.

enlightened soul
feeling aleph, being self
alive to today.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Hugs and namaste,


We love to have you post your comments, thoughts or questions to delight us all in the day ~ especially, ArtMuse Dog ^_^

QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'We do not great things, we do only small things with great love.' ~ Mother Theresa


  1. What a peaceful sky! Perfect for connecting thoughts and feelings.

  2. Hello,
    A rolling up cloud looks like a huge feather! You captured the best moment. Beautiful!
    I love your Haiku.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Back to follow you back on Linky

  4. Beautiful. Just love that image.

  5. That clouds looks the wing of an angel. Lovely!

  6. well done Caroll. I thought this week's theme was tough, but you did a great job on this one. Thank you for being part in Tackle It Tuesday.


  7. I have to star thinking of a haiku with this prompt too ... good start !!!

  8. Great twist in that cloud. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. I have to say the the contacts from all around the world (although I', a little short on contacts from South America!) is a real pleasure in blogging!

    Thanks for the comments on my post. I do try to put up decent images - but often work gets in the way, so I'm very dependant on the holidays.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  10. It looks like you met the tough challenge of 'Aleph'....Have you read the book?

    1. No ~ I haven't read the book ~ just responding to meaning of aleph ~ Author is a good writer ~ Read one of his previous books ~ enjoy the day ^_^

  11. Such an odd shaped cloud!
    That is one of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes. :)

  12. Lovely photo, Carol, and the cloud is delightful.

  13. Hi Carol,

    Wonderful photo! The cloud caught my eye right away. It seems to have a mystery about it.

  14. This is delightful.

  15. Your cloud reminds me of the ringlets little girls use to wear in their hair back in my childhood days.

    Lovely shot.


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