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'Lucy' ~ Part of the Crew

Saturday night and all was well on the schooner, The Lannon, with Lucy knowing 'all the ropes' ~ when boarding, when cruising, and finally docking. It was a delightful birthday present and cruise.

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Every day is a day to be creative in some way. I had lots of sharing on my birthday with lunches, cards, plant, and my gift to myself was a cruise on the Lannon. Before my husband died, we were boaters and there are many times I miss being 'on the water.'  So I got creative and with a friend I went on a wonderful cruise outside and around the harbor with 'chowda' and lobsta' being served. These two photos are just a sampling of a delightful time.

End of Cruise ~ 'Lucy Knows'


night was overcast, yet
sun shown thru the clouds offering
hope for a good sail.

Hugs and namaste,


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  1. Hope you had a wonderful time and happy birthday. I am intrigued by the rope in the first photo! It is in this huge and lovely braid! how interesting. Take care, Fran T

  2. good morning, Carol and my best wishes for your birthday to come, they come a bit later, but they are very welcome and I wish you all the best ...

    a good week. perhaps back to the sea - I love it very much ...


  3. Love Lucy's trip and that knot she is sitting next to is fantastic.. glad she had a good time :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Such great photos! Love the black dog looking over!

  5. What a nice B.Day celebration. Look like Lucy was enjoying it also!

  6. Happy Birthday and of course I must say that I love Lucy!! LOL!!

  7. Hi Carol,

    Happy Birthday! It looks like everyone had a great time including Lucy. Wonderful photo of her looking out at the water.

  8. What a lucky dog..looks like Lucy is having the best of the dog days of summer!
    Happy Birthday..I'm following and will visit again soon..

  9. So glad that you made time for yourself and turned a sad remembrance into a happy honoring time. Belated Happy Birthday.

  10. A birthday cruise sounds wonderful! Love your water photos. Namaste.


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