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Sky at Twilight on Cape Ann MA

Welcome to our Sunday post. Here we are sharing creativity of photographers, sketchers and painters.

The photo above is for Post Cards from Paradise. It was taken last Sunday during an out door concert. The photo below is one of several of my 'begging bowl series' and is done in the Asian brush style. One order of Buddhist Monks, each morning take their 'bowl' out to the village and go from house to house for their morning nutrition. Whatever they receive they feel is sufficient. Expanding the concept to life, I am creating these bowls in various mediums to remind myself and others that what we receive each day in life is sufficient to our needs.(For more bowls see previous post) I am working on a new name for the 'begging bowl' and welcome your suggestions. What would be a good name do you think?

Asian style brush painting ~ 'Begging Bowl Series'

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'If I have learned one thing in this life, it is that God will not tie my shoes without me.' ~ Doug Boyd


  1. Love your bowl, looked at some of the earlier ones they are great. Sometimes simplicity says more. A new name would be great as begging gives you the wrong idea. All I can think of is "bless you" bowls as the givers are really giving thanks.

  2. Lovely sky in the photo. I like the bowl series.

  3. Your sky photo is amazing. Clouds make great photos.

  4. Always love this feature -- neat painting!

  5. Beautiful shots and quote.
    Have a great day.

  6. Very interesting and I love the quote!

  7. wow, i love this message today!
    thank you for this!!!!!!
    it's so true, we have so much and we need to be thankful

  8. Begging bowls used by monks were called 'Bhiksha Patra's' in Sanskrit.Thanks for reminding me of this sign of patience, humility and trust.

  9. Both your painting and picture are beautiful! I love the idea that you are conveying with this series.

  10. I like the suggestion of Bless You Bowls...wonderful :) I think I need a bigger bowl right now...with everything ripening in my garden :P

    I hope that your bowl overflows!

  11. I just love that Cape Anne skyline!

  12. Hi ~ Bentley and I are your newest friends. Stop by and visit us. Bentley will be so happy to get to know your darling little Yorkie!!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Maybe a nurture bowl? Love the idea.

  14. love the concept of the bowl series. these paintings are looking great.

  15. Wonderful concept.
    Blessings bowls.
    Sustenance bowls.
    Bowls of plenty.

  16. loving the bowl series... and the photo is just wonderful... it was so great to catch up on what you have been up to...xx

  17. Love the idea that bowls represent. When they are empty they remind us of possibility. Lovely post.

  18. Lovely sky!
    Interesting - the bowl. I am not sure about the name but it could be something to do with how we each need each other - a symbiotic sort of relationship.

  19. What a great photo. The sky is always an amazing sight.

  20. No doubt about it, Carol. The Giving Bowl.



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