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Flowers growing out of crevice in rock at the beach .

Monday Post ~
which means photographers and artists. The photo above was taken at our frequented beach. There were these very delicate flowers growing out of the crevice of the rock. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Her palette is beyond anyone's creativity level. She fills my spirit each day.

UFO ~ Unfinished Painting or a WIP ~ Work in Progress

The painting above is an 'intuitive painting'. I like it so far but have yet to decide what to do next. This is the first larger size painting I have done using acrylics.  I am not well practiced painting with this medium. Although they are fluid acrylics, and are more fitting with the 'flowing style' that I seem to have. Would welcome your suggestions. Should I add some black to the painting? Should I stay with the palette I have? These are some of the types of questions I have been reflecting on about this painting.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.'  ~ E.B. White


  1. You asked about using black in your painting. I would suggest using some shade but maybe not black but purple, subtle shadows to highlight the lovely flowers.????? You have a lot of "light" but no shade so I think your instinct was right. I was "told" to not use black (but I do) I think it would be a bit harsh on this one.

  2. So beautiful...the picture, your painting and so true...the quote! To me your painting looks gorgeous just the way it is. Full of life!

  3. Nice photo of the flowers in the crevice! As for your looks lovely but I hesitate to advise because I don't know what outcome you're after. If you're after a dramatic playful outcome, go with black to loosely outline some of the key areas and contrast with a little white for some of the highlights?? For a more subdued look, perhaps some detailing with a liner brush just to emphasise the prominent flowers in the foreground?? If you want the more subdued look, don't use black but just go to a darker colour, perhaps a deep red or darker orange tone, on a liner brush to detail some of the petals of the main flowers and a darker green to emphasise two or three of the main stems?? Just suggestions... Main thing is to have fun and not put too much pressure on yourself. :)

  4. Hi Carol,

    I'm not expert, but I don't think I'd add black. If you feel the need to add some darker shades (and I think some darks would make the lights pop), I'd either add more (or darker) green in shadow areas of the stalks and maybe more (or darker) reds in petal overlap areas of the flowers.

    But I do love it as it is, too,


  5. Love the little flowers growing from the rock crevice. Your painting is a beautiful means of expression.

  6. Lovely photo and painting, art muse dog warms my heart like your art!

  7. I love the work in progress! I am no expert, but right now the work feels bright and happy, I think adding black would darken it too much, but rather maybe some shades of gray might give it some dimension?

  8. I have always been amazed that plants and flowers can grow out of places like rocks and crevices. Places that you think nothing could survive, you will see something beautiful.

  9. The little flowers are so beautiful. I guess your painting is of them???
    Anyway, it is lovely the way it is....I always think shading is a good way to bring a painting to life and as Serena says using a darker shade rather than black could be the best way forward. I am far from expert; I go with instinct as you do.
    Let us see what you decide to do, won't you?

  10. Oh I love your WIP I am not an artist but I do like the track you are on I do not think it needs black. B

  11. So pretty! Thanks for sharing :) If you have time, stop by my site and say hello!

  12. I love plants hardy enough to grow in rock crevices.

  13. I like the contrast of the delicate white flowers with the rough texture of the rock. In your paining -in progress- i like the spontaneity and the way they to be bursting up out of the ground. The colours are great too. I look forward to following the progress:) thanks for visiting too.

  14. What lovely flowers growing there!
    I have no advice on acrylics because I am new to them myself. I was more used to watercolors and they are completely and totally different. I am a bit lost, myself. :) I'd snoop about on youtube and see if you can find some acrylic painting instruction. I'm trying mixed media and have found several places on youtube with people I can watch for inspiration and ideas and techniques. Now...if I can just get brave enough to quit watching and start trying it myself--LOL! ;)

  15. Lovely flowers!

    My art instructor told me to never use black, but only Payne's Grey if I needed something that dark. I like the other commenter's idea of a use of deep purple. It's looking very nice!

  16. Beautiful flowers, both real and your interpretation on canvas!

  17. Your WIP is beautiful so far. I love the idea of orange and purple (maybe lavender). I look forward to seeing what you will add next.



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