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Sunday Sketches ~ Universal Being
Reads: 'Rock on Mama, man, ain't no use in crying. Good luck, bad luck, same.'
Fall Sunset on Cape Ann MA

Cape Ann Harbor ~ Fall Evening

SUNDAY POST ~ '...Good luck, bad luck, same' comes from an old Asian story bringing us the concept that essentially whatever happens is all the same. It is in the perception that we begin to interpret with dualistic thinking; rather than seeing it all for what it is. Western society is noted for judging something as good, bad, high, low rather than viewing life as a neverending circle. Given I was reared with western thinking, I frequently get into the 'shoulds, woulds, coulds.' Creative thinking has helped me to use well, live well 'what is'. Perfect I am not, still a work in progress. What do you think?

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'Remembering' ~ My Mom, Nana and Aunt Ginny as almost having 3 mothers along with my Dad. They all taught me love, respect and enjoying the simple things in life. Each person was unique and thus I got the different yet similar perspectives of these concepts and went on to explore and expand on gifts from my first four teachers. Another significant person was my maternal great grandmother. A very successful nurse in her own right; I only had her in my life for the first six years of my life; yet I still remember the deep warmth, love and respect she gave me.
To all those who have gone before me; I rest on shoulders of 'giants', strong, loving women and men. Grateful. ^_^

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' The fragile body is matrix for mind and soul.' ~ Deng Ming-Dao ~ 365 Tao

CARPE DIEM HAIKU ~ (prompt dolphin) ~

angels of the sea
sonar ability wow
sending love to earth.
~ carol l mckenna


  1. Beautiful photos and text to reflect on.
    Many of us have a work with dualistic thinking!

    Creative thinking has helped me too.
    Something on the road to becoming whole.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. O M G Carol again a gorgeous post. Everyday I look forward to your post. The haiku is stunning and honors the dolphin's spiritual meaning. Thank you for participating in today's Carpe Diem.

  3. The fall sunsets are breathtaking. Interesting way of viewing luck and life! Might have to give that a try. :)

  4. Beautiful! I love the evening photo! :)

  5. What a lovely story, gorgeous photos, and tranquil haiku.

    I thought of you this morning as we drove down to Newport, RI. Passed a couple of signs for Cape Ann & I had an urge for getting off the highway to rest for a spell.

  6. Carol, I love your "angels of the sea", they are!, sending love to earth.
    I like your sunset pics too.
    Happy Sunday.

  7. Georgeous sunset! Wish I was there :)
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. Hi Carol!!! I always love to see your sketches and your photos!!! beautiful work!!!

  9. interesting post. Plz leave comments on

  10. for the universal being I would say: no luck at all in any directions.

  11. Great photos! So serene and peaceful!

  12. Lovely post, Carol -- like the backgrounds on your photos. Cool!

  13. {{ thank you for visiting me
    on ~~haiku my heart~~
    it means so much to have you pop in!

    enjoy finding my way
    back here
    to see what lovely art
    you are blooming here... }}

  14. To live with love and respect of self and others - what is more important? And yet how do we still get it wrong at times? Lifting you up - remembering our strong female role models! Blessings and thank you. L

  15. Great post, love the text and photos!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a wonderful and creative day.

  16. Wonderful work and beautiful post!

  17. so much beauty here, words and art and pictures. I enjoyed my visit!

  18. "i rest on the shoulders of giants" says it all. beautiful post filled with reflection, love and warmth. thank you for including the art of remembering in your creative pursuits. it is so powerful to recant the stories of those who have their hearts all wrapped up in the creation of ours.

  19. Beautiful scenery sunset - and lovely thoughts! Living this moment and cherishing it and enjoying it to the full!

  20. Wow, definitely something to ponder. If we all thought this way, I believe it would lead more of us to be happy in the hard times as well as the good!

  21. As always, a post with deep thoughts and love. thanks for sharing Carol and Musedog. ::hugs;:

  22. This was just what I needed to hear today, good luck, bad luck, it is all the same... so wise these words! I love hearing about these people who are so special to you Carol, who have helped shaped you into the beautiful woman that you are today! XO

  23. A lovely tribute to the women who helped shape your life. :)

  24. Love your remembrance. My mom was a nurse, as were several of her sisters. I think especially caring women are drawn to that profession.

  25. Love that saying!
    Wonderful memories of those important women in your life. :)

  26. We are blessed to have had such great teachers who loved and cared for us.

  27. Lovely, It looks like you live in a beautiful part of the country!!!

  28. It always amazes me that, in spite of the generation gap between grandparents and grandchildren the powerful impact that the grandparents have.


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