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'Tea and Symptathy'

Are you 'reeling' from the holiday preparations, social events, art shows and shopping and still trying to fit in 'creating' whether sketching, painting, photographing or writing? Yep, I am, to answer my own question. So, I decided to give my self permission to put a 'rest' in the music of the day. I am going to have a 'cup of tea' with a 'rose' nearby and take time to reflect and embrace the 'moment' and breathe.

Even good happenings are stressful. Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale puts Christmas right in there with all the other life stressors. Even as artists, when a show has finished or a book has been published, there is stress and an adrenaline rush. Then comes the 'let down'. Rest, take a break; do something different; however mundane it might seem. The 'music of the day' will play on and you will get back in the flow. As I write this, I am speaking to my self as well writing for the blog. Breathe and balance another two mantras for me.

Nature's Soothing Medicine

Prompt for Carpe Diem Haiku ~ " Cold Crow"

Front and Back Cover of Haiku Life ~  Poetry Book ~ Hot Off the Press

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content.' ~ St. Paul


  1. Beautiful sketches and photos, Carol! Have a great weekend..

  2. Lovely as always! I especially love the sketches. Great job!

  3. Wonderful page - and I liked our haiku! LET THAT COLD CROW SEARCH!

  4. Love your pictures and haiku, especially love the photos on the book cover.

  5. beautiful pieces! perhaps what's called an anticlimax is really a necessary respite

  6. Enjoyed your post...esp. haiku on "cold crow"...well written ☺

  7. Tea and flowers . . . sigh, yes, perfect for beautiful and peaceful Sunday afternoon. Lovely little framable cards.

  8. Nice post treatement on your pictures : the framing is so original, and the photocompostion so interesting... Well done.

  9. I agree, Christmas is stressful. Your beautiful photograph is very calming to enjoy at this busy time.

  10. Lovely paintings and haiku! Merry Christmas Carol!

  11. Beautiful, lovely art and poetry! <3

  12. What might your cold crow be searching? If I were in his feathers, I'd be searching a place out of the wind!


  13. Carol your photography and words are so beautiful!

  14. Carol, your words, your pictures, and your sketches all are just wanted I needed on this dreary Sunday. It is a perfect day to drink a cup of tea and take a deep breath. Thank you for the reminder. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Great advice. Sometimes in all the rushing around we forget to just stop and enjoy. A good pot of tea, to drink or sketch, is always a wonderful remedy! :-)

  16. great haiku! but more importantly, what a cute dog! ^^

  17. Carol, your pieces of art are lovely. I really like the tea pot. In fact, I'm sitting here sipping on a hot cuppa of earl grey. :)

  18. blissful beautiful scenes...I am enjoying the walking from one holiday event to the next!

  19. I really like the image of your haiku today. Excellent

  20. Awesome post Carol. The haiku on 'cold crow' is beautifully crafted.

  21. Hi Carol, This is the last few lines of a poem my son wrote when he was about 16.
    Because I saw her in a sleep
    as dark & desolate & deep
    & fleeting as the taunting night
    that flings a vision of delight
    to some,loan martyr as he lies
    in slumber ere the day he dies-
    because she vanished like a gleam
    of glory, do I call her "Dream".
    Sorry so long

  22. for me

    "cold crow is searching"

    is a powerful description of this day. chilling wind fiercely blowing our darkened bereft hearts off their trajectory.

    thank you for your calming words and peaceful photographs.

  23. Thank you for your peaceful page today. I need a rest from the news and your blog is 'medicine' for the heart!

  24. Lovely photograph. And the poem is a wonderful description of a cold winter day.

  25. So glad to slip in here before bed and join you for a sip of tea and to gaze upon your rose... I would love to fly with cold crow searching... a beautiful line in a beautiful haiku dear Carol.

  26. How wonderful to have your poetry published, inspirational! x

  27. Your words and photos are calming in these very stressful times. Breathe! What simple yet GOOD advice! Thank you.

  28. Love the teapot. Beautiful haiku too.


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