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For Our World Tuesday

Cape Ann MA also has it 'rural' parts as well as its coastal areas. This is just one photo of Essex MA with its marshes and wonderful waterways. Another photo below will show the 'country' ambience that we also have. It is a delightful place to live.

One of several barns in the rural section of Cape Ann MA ~ For Ruby Tuesday2

The poetry below is in the form of haiku.

For Carpe Diem Haiku ~ prompt 'sweet memories'

The photo below is of a simple watercolor brush painting.

Watercolor Brush Painting
for Creative Everyday

We are posting a day ahead to link with the following creative bloggers that are 'across the pond' as they say.

carpe diem haiku
creative everyday
our world tuesday
ruby tuesday2

10 minute warm up

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' Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.'
~ Russell H. Conwell


  1. Like the painting!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. A lovely look at your world as always, Carol!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Nice barn, and I love your watercolor brush painting.


  4. Indeed, memories are the living essence of yesterdays! Beautiful photos and haiku!

  5. Very nice haiku, love the watercolor too

  6. Another lovely post, the Haiku too. :)

  7. That does look like a beautiful area - I'll take rural and wilderness any day over a big city.

  8. Good rural shots. I like the barn a lot. Very poignant haiku. The watercolor is lovely.

  9. i love your watercolor brush painting! and yes, the sweetest memories live forever.

  10. Thank you for the "primer" explanations of the watercolor and haiku for novices ...because I am exactly that. I love looking at your work, but have no real knowledge.

  11. I'm glad you have those sweet memories to warm your heart and soul!


  12. How do you come up with such lovely backgrounds for your haiku; just simply stunning! I love your barn shot; your quote is spot on and your little dog always touches my heart! Your post is superb in each and every way.


  13. Yes, keeping sweet memories locked in your head and heart for a cold wonter's day. Thank you :)

  14. Good morning Carol, every post of yours I read, I enjoyed every photo and every haiku is very nice, I also understand and translate it can ...

    your painted images like me well and it's very nice if someone has this artistic side and can be realized so ...

    up again soon ...

  15. Very nice pictures! Like your watercolor brush painting!

  16. Carol, I love the marshes and the rural scenes of Maine. Your watercolor is absolutely beautiful. Well done! I hope you have a happy week ahead.

  17. I like your haiku. I really like the watercolor. I like the loose style which is something I can never seem to achieve. The quote is perfect for this day.

  18. As always a wonderful post, I like that watercolor painting very much. The haiku you have shared here with us is very deep in it's meaning ... thank you for sharing on Carpe Diem.


  19. You have quite a range of habitats within your local area. Great for spotting all the different wildlife. Love that simple watercolour and the quote at the end. Have a good week.

  20. Thank you as always for the lovely visuals and words!

  21. Hi Carol!!! I am so thrilled you popped by Carol!!! thank you for linking with 10 Minute Warm up!!! wonderful photos and work!!!

  22. I especially love your watercolour art!

  23. So much classic beauty and history. I am also from MA, Hull, aka Nantasket Beach.

  24. I love the picture of the barn. Whenever I travel, I keep an eye out for these old buildings. There's so much history in them.

    Happy Tuesday!

  25. That's what I nearly called my book, Mining for Diamonds! THe publisher wouldn't allow it.
    But when dad was dying, a friend told me to look for the diamonds every day! I gave that advice to everyone!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  26. That barn is so pretty and I love your brush painting. Great work as always! :)

  27. It is just so beautiful where you live!! Love the east coast...never get tired of seeing your images☺ you feel seeing my Florida pictures now is how I feel when I see your fall images☺
    Isn't it great we can escape into each others world if just for a moment?

  28. I am a new follower. You have a beautiful, inspirational blog. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will join me too.
    McGuffy's Reader

  29. Wonderful surroundings around you, Carol! Simple painting you said! But it's great!


  30. Charming barn!

    Catching up with Ruby Tuesday.
    My RUBY

  31. The well manicured barn is a treat, all too often, they are run down and failing.

  32. I have just found a perfect digi for me and now I have the perfect quote.
    Thank you so much for this quote


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