Artists, Poets, Photographers Friday and Saturday

An art exercise in Automatic Drawing ~ titled ~ Yin and Yang
For Paint Party Friday

Welcome to our artists, poets and photographers display. The  photo above is an art exercise in 'automatic drawing'. This is normally done on a much larger scale and with a paint brush. I chose to use my pen and then paint it with watercolors. The idea came from a book the art class teach shared with us in exploring abstract painting. The book is excellent for many reasons and is entitled EXPRESSIVE DRAWING by Steven Aimone with subtitle, A Practical Guide to Freeing the Artist Within. Loaded with step by step exercises to motivate you to just 'let go' and explore from within on paper using your medium of choice.

For Cape Diem Haiku ~ prompt ~ 'silk'

Sunsetting over Cape Ann MA  ~ 
~ for Orange You Glad Its Friday

When I looked out the window, I thought this sky was ominous. We have had some incredible skies this winter season. Grateful.

For Haiku My Heart and Haiku Friday

Fishing Boat on Cape Ann MA Harbor with single digits for weather temps.
For Black and White Weekend

Deck light reflecting on beginning of Snow ~ 
for Weekend Reflections

Tis winter in New England in case you can't tell. The temperatures have dipped into the single digits. Gratefully, the wind chill is not too bad at the moment. Hope you are cozy and warm or cool if you live in a warmer climate and enjoying our post. Today we are linked with the following creative bloggers.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' You only live once ---but if you work it right, once is enough.  ~ Joe E. Lewis