Photographers and Poets Tuesday

Wintry Scene on Cape Ann MA for Our World Tuesday ~ Another photo below .

Welcome to Tuesday post of photos of Cape Ann MA and haiku poetry warming our wintery hearts. When I am in the 'zone' of creating, whether, art, photography or haiku, the world seems to roll on by and my spirit is filled with a gentle warmth. 
Above and below there are two Cape Ann MA photos that show the deep blue waters and the rocky coastline that we love. It is winter; yet, have had some rather mild days ~ Great for wandering around and taking photos and 'seeing'.
Also we have a haiku for you with the prompt being 'tulips.'

For Carpe Diem Haiku ~ 'Prompt ~ tulips' and For Ruby Tuesday2

Off the 'Back Shore' of Cape Ann ~ A View of 'Twilights'  ~ deactivated now and electronically controlled.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Even the simplest things is as important as the things we consider important. I consider a fallen leaf as important as the Grand Canyon. It's all important; it's all connected. One couldn't be without the other.'
~ Ruth Bernard ~