Art, Poetry and Photograph Monday

Watercolor in progress for Creative Every Day

The sun shone on A Creative Harbor today in MA.
 After a weekend of blizzard conditions needless to say we were all elated and proceeded to venture out and take some photos that I will show later in the week. Very few sidewalks were clear so ArtMuse Dog and I had a very brief 'photo walk'. Then went to my brothers for conversation and a hot cup of tea and to see the 'valentines kids.' They were busy with Papa creating all kinds of colorful creations. I even got a valentine hand made necklace.

Papa and the 'Valentine Kids' at work for Mosaic Monday

For Carpe Diem ~ prompt ~ 'stork'

Touches of 'orange color' for Mandarin Orange Monday

Soft Reflections of Yellow Light for Monday Mellow Yellows

Well there we are for Monday. Art, poetry and photography from two or more survivors of the Blizzard of 2013. 

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' Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.' ~ Plato


  1. So glad you survived the storm. Your Valentines kids are cute! What fun they had making their creations. Your watercolor is pretty! Lovely haiku and post. Wishing you a happy week ahead.

  2. I am surprised you are about so soon. Thank goodness I read where others are not as lucky. Love family pictures especially grams and grands. Blessings for a better week.

  3. stork cycling through each person - that's a great haiku... and what a fun valentine's day activity! i'll ask my little cousins to make handmade valentine's cards for their mom and dad ^^

  4. The Valentine kids look like they are having a great time with Grandpa. Have a wonderful week:)

  5. your watercolor is so soft and lovely, the haiku I found perfect to accompany the beautiful family photos,

  6. So glad you were able to get out today and visit your brother and those cute Valentine kids!
    You will have to show us your watercolor when you are finished.

  7. Such great talent, I love your painting!

  8. The kids look as if they are having so much fun making their valentines. I would think that Art Muse Dog would have needed some stilts to go on a walk after that snow! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Those are sure cute kids
    Sometimes the stork does good work


  10. Slowly, slowly the light returns.
    I look forward to seeing the painting here soon.

  11. Those are the sweetest hearts ever.

    A Touch of Orange
    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  12. The children look content in staying in where it is warm and creating their valentines. I don't envy you with all that snow - don't want it here. :) Your sweet furbaby has the sweetest face.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.
    Have a great week.

  13. The water colour's coming on nicely.
    Thanks for a cool post.

  14. I like the linear patterns in your MoM image - the horizontals of the roof against and the curvy branches in the front. The touches of orange look good against the blue/greys too.
    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  15. Beautiful collages / images you show. Wish you a good new week :) Hanne Bente

  16. In progress - but it's already pretty. Love it!
    Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday.

  17. Fabulous photos Carol! Looks like you were enjoying yourself. :)

  18. I am so glad you got out for at least a little while, and hope that you and yours are safe, warm and dry. It looks like the children were having fun with their Papa. Thanks for stopping by my blog today to say hi. Have a wonderful week.

  19. What a wonderful family transcending generations! Bodes well for the future! Nicely Carol!


  20. Look forward to the progression of your watercolor. Awesome that Papa is working with the kids on projects. Great Haiku. Y'all stay snugly warm!

  21. Did u make any Valentines? Happy post today...Wasn't it nice to see the sun yesterday?

  22. Love that you consider yourself a 'survivor' of the blizzard!! Great to see the smiling faces and hearts!

  23. I was wondering how you were fairing up there. I should of known you would turn it into a creative retreat. Good for you. Papa looks adorable doing crafts with the kuddos.

  24. Wonderful, sounds like the worst of the blizzard is over.

  25. Gorgeous post. That haiku is very spiritual. Thanks Carol.

  26. Such a lovely post. Your valentine kids are sweet

  27. Love the way your watercolor is coming. The pictures of the kids is adorable!!

  28. What a good visit you must have had with the Valentine Kids. I have some valentine candy work in my memento box from some little friends a few years ago--love kid art gifts.

    Glad you made it through the blizzard with very little inconvenience and that you and Muse Dog were able to get out for a photo shoot.

  29. Lovely mosaic of your kids having fun, and a beautiful haiku. Thanks for dropping by my blog - have a a great week.

  30. So glad you survived the blizzard! That is a lovely painting. It certainly looks like it was a lot of fun making those Valentines.

  31. Warm and welcoming... love the family shot too. ;-)

  32. Beautiful photos.

    Happy Valentines!


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