Art, Poetry and Photography Friday

Pink Sky at Sunset of Cape Ann for Sky Watch Friday

My muse 'went south' at the beginning of the week when it came to painting so the watercolor below is just a real quick one that I just completed. 

Glass Bottle Trees for Paint Party Friday ~ Here is a link for the history behind these bottles.
Haiku for Carpe Diem Haiku, Haiku My Heart and Haiku Friday

I am sorry that many of you will have difficulties posting comments as I have changed to Google + since they have bought out Blogger. I seem to be reaching more bloggers and getting responses; yet, I miss the 'connectedness' I had felt with many of my blogger friends. I think Google + needs to make it more inclusiveness in ways that bloggers can leave comments. I hope they will come to realize that sooner than later. Will see how it goes. Till then, if you are not able to comment because you do not have a Google + account or profile, please email if you would like to do. That is what many have done.

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haiku friday

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Write in your heart that everyday is the best day in the year.' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I like the bottle tree - very nicely captured. Your photo on the top is very atmospheric - I love that!

  2. Beautiful photo, so peaceful. I can almost smell the ocean.

  3. managed to post the old way -- I went to NY and then St. Louis, and the next thing I know, commenting is a trial again. yikes. great pictures as always.

  4. just beautiful! i love the inventiveness of this...and the dreaminess too.

    p.s. I am with blogger and have no problems. I know Google 1 is closing but blogger is still up and running and I had no problem leaving a comment! {heart} samara

  5. Lovely words and beautiful art !! the photo is fabulous too :)

  6. a lovely pink sunset,love those branches.

  7. Always a good idea to create even when 'the muse' seems to be on vacation...lovely sketch and beautiful photo! happy PPF!

  8. Your bottle tree is pretty! And the pink sky sunset is gorgeous. I hope you get your "muse" back. Have a happy week!

  9. GOOGLE+ is confusing. I wrote a lot and when I pressed the button to post it the system said I´m not allowed to post. Then why let me write in the first place?

    This is what I said:
    all those places we ahve to be members on is a pain in the....GOOGLE made me a memeber of GOOGLE+ without my permission. But I´m not going to use it. My family is on FB. This is a bit confusing as it is somewhat hard to see what is yours and what is links to others. I almost commented in Jidhus now. Beleiving it was yorus. :(

  10. the glass bottle tree is wonderfully whimsical. I did not realize there was an issue re blogger v. g+!


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