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Healing energy and prayers for all involved in the terrible bombing tragedy at the Boston Ma Marathon ~ April 15th 2013 ~ Also a prayer for world peace to happen soon.

N for 'Nirvana' for ABC Wednesday 

It is much easier to come up with words for ABC sometimes than it is to find photos. Yet, this morning, returning from my walk with Artmuse Dog I saw the lovely light and slight shadows surrounding the Buddha statue.

'Hey, she's taking our pic again ~ whatta ya think?' for Walk and Click

As Artmuse dog and I were doing our usual daily walk (at least most days), here were these delightful pigeons who looked like they were having a deep conversation. They didn't seem bothered by us and Artmuse dog didn't do her usual chase.
Voila! ~ a fun photo ^_^ 

For Outdoor Wednesday

This is a Cape Ann sunrise on a day that turned out cloudy. Each sunrise is unique and always a gift to see each morning. Practicing Taoism and close to nature, I treasure this place like never before in my life.

For Rurality  Blog Hop ~ 'You're  going to put my photo on you blog? No carrot, even?'

Photo from a more rural part of Cape Ann MA, I live and spend most of my time by the ocean. Yet, I love to visit Essex a part of the area that is more rural and has horse farms, a country feel which I love.

'Victory' ~ 'Glosta' Seagull got 'his lunch' ~ V for Alphabe Thursday and Nature Notes

This was another 'magic moment' seeing this lone gull with his capture of food in his mouth and able to 'capture the moment.'

Haiku for Carpe Diem Haiku ~ 'prompt' ~ small mountain'

Same photo as above but with a haiku. When one includes a haiku on a photo or painting, it is then called a haiga. I just couldn't resist this photo again even though my spiritual practice is more focused on Taoism. I honor and respect all beliefs, peoples and animals.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Beauty is whatever gives joy.'
~ Edna St. Vincent Millay