Photography and Haiku Poetry Wed and Th

And you think I am 'just a dog'? for Blog Paws Wednesday

For Carpe Diem  ~ prompt ~ 'Tower' from Tarot Cards

Misty Morning Sunrise for Outdoor Wednesday

Poppies sprouting up everywhere for Rurality Blog Hop

'A' is for Art in the Park for Alphabe Thursday

Sending lots of healing energy and prayers to those suffering from tornados and much worse weather than we have.
 Mother Nature is sure spinning us around.
My 'yorkie assistant' and I have managed some walks despite the weather. Grateful, as my mind needs periodic clearing and walking does that for me and I also sleep better. Nature is where I played as a child and I still love to be out doors. ^_^

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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I could cuddle and frolic with the adorable doggy all day. Love the poppies!

  2. Beautiful photos and subjects! Your puppy is so cute. Thanks for stopping by. My grandaughter was just born this morning and will try to post pictures....Christine

  3. beautiful images, I love your assistant!

  4. Fabulous photos and I love the little pooch. :)

  5. Beautiful shots, as always.

  6. Namaste Carol, what a beautiful post and that haiku is very well crafted. All those who are suffering of the tornado are in my thoughts and prayers too.

  7. What a "sweet" pooch! Lucky to have the yorkie to take walks with. I am loving your blog each week I am hooked.
    JM Illinois

  8. Your "Yorkie Assistant" is one fine photographer. ;)

  9. I especially like your outdoor shots! Very nice!

  10. I've missed visiting, Carol. Oohing and ahhing at your orange poppies. Amazing haiku for prompt tower. Want to smush your doggie with huggles.

  11. Beautiful photos and haiku!Tall

  12. The poppies are gorgeous. I enjoyed all the shots and you are so good at writing haiku.

  13. not sure what's clinging to the tree but it's pretty and the bright colors is wonderful.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  14. That blanket matches our furry friend PERFECTLY!!! ♥ it!

  15. Carol, can you send your "Yorkie assistant" over here - we need all the help we can get!

    The outdoor captures are superb as always.

  16. Adorable picture of your pup. I really enjoyed this haiku.

  17. Pretty photos, all...have a great Memorial Day weekend! :)

  18. Is that a Charlie Brown kite-eating tree?!!
    Love the poppies!
    ArtMuse Dog, you look very cozy in your blanket!

  19. AH! Poppies! I am looking forward to seeing them bloom in my gardens. :)

  20. Clearly, that little one is far more than a dog.

    And those poppies are gorgeous!!


  21. Carol, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and words with us. You always make me feel a little better for having come here!!

  22. The world continues, despite the weather disasters and manmade mayhem....your blog always creates a soothing balm. My new Website:

  23. Love all your photos, but your pooch steals the show for me! What a sweety!!

  24. A lovely collection, especially of your furry friend :)

  25. Enjoyed the photos, makes me want to spend more time outside, too. Remember all those hours outside when young, thanks for that. Your Muse is a sweetie. ♥

  26. Beautiful photos, haiku and words but I LOVE your Yorkie!!

  27. Thanks all you 'beautiful' people for all your comments ~ do love them and wishing you the best in each day ~ namaste, C and A ^_^

  28. Why hello you gorgeous little one! So cute!!

  29. All of your photos and captions are amazing.

    I love the abstract beauty in the art in the park.

    I'm always excited to see your posts!

    Thanks for linking.


  30. I love your sweet little dog and your other photos are wonderful! Enjoyed the haiku also.
    Thanks for stopping by my SWF post and wishing you a great weekend.
    An English Girl Rambles


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