Photography and Poetry Mon and Tues

Sea Shells for Mosaic Monday and Creative Everyday

Spring flowers, Fall and Winter leaves ~ for Happy Blue Monday 

Haiku for Carpe Diem ~ prompts, strength and hermit

Cape Ann Granite Rocks and My favorites ~ Dandelions ~  for Monday Mellow Yellows 

Cape Ann MA red boat for Ruby Tuesday2

Hope your Mother's Day was special and that your weekend was filled with love. I have learned that in order to love others I need to love myself with all the fragility of being 'a human being of light'. To me, we are all connected and 'it' is all Mother Earth's energy that provides that connection. So I send out love to you all wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing creatively.

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mosaic monday
happy blue monday
monday mellow yellows
carpe diem haiku

creative everyday
ruby tuesday 2

Wishing you the best in each day. xxooo

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' A mother's heart is a patchwork of love.'  ~ unknown author