Friday Mini Art,SkyWatch Friday and Weekend Photography

A Mini Painting ~ All I could muster up with Back Pain ~ for Paint Party Friday

Magical Rainbow after the Rain Storm on Cape Ann MA for SkyWatch Friday and Weekly Top Shot

'ArtMuse Dog' in Her Perch' ~ 'All's Well in Her World' ~ for Camera Critters

Sights of Summer on Cape Ann MA for Weekend Reflections

Well folks, those of you who have struggled with lower back pain know it takes awhile to heal. Also how it drains one of energy and leaves little in reserve. Managed to catch up on 'house chores' and put together receipts for travel insurance and go to the doctors and little walks with ArtMuse. Gratefully, also made it to my 'gentle yoga' class. My poor Photography Gallery has been neglected and that is next on the list.  That is the news for now.

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