Photography Mon and Tues

Lovely Flowers of Spring for Mosaic Monday

HOME  ~ Another 'little seaport town' ~ for Happy Blue Monday
Chef's Creation on Cruise Ship Tea Party for Monday Mellow Yellows

Tour Bus in Bergen Norway ~ for Ruby Tuesday 2

It was good to get away but ohhhhhh so good to come home. Especially, since I am dealing with a very sore lower back. Alas, tis life, 'every road has its bumps.' Key is to avoid the major 'pot holes'. Glad to be back with my creative blogging friends also.

We are linked with the following creative bloggers in case you can not tell from the photographs:

mosaic monday
happy blue monday
monday mellow yellows

Hoping to put some haiku online soon.

Wishing you the best in each day. xxooo

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Only put of until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.' ~ Pablo Picasso