Wed and Thur Photography and Haiku

'Vintage Light House' on Cape Ann MA for Water World Wednesday Link

'On Deck' ~ 'Must you always be taking my picture?" for Outdoor Wed Link

For Carpe Diem Haiku for 'Inner Beauty' Link

Sumac on Cape Ann MA ~ that the birds so love ~ for Rurality Blog Hop Link

Sun Setting on Cape Ann MA Harbor for 'In the Water' for Alphabe Thursday Link

Quite the summer we are having in New England ~ rather hot here in the 90's all week. Think my 'muse' and 'motivation' have gone on vacation. Then again ~ have reached the stage of the life journey that I am learning that it just what I am suppose to be doing  ~ relaxing and enjoying life. Relaxing is a real steep learning curve for me. Spent most of my life more like a 'race horse' and now learning to slow down and enjoy 'what is' ~ even 'feeling cool' in the heat of it all. What about you? Are you a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter person? Race horse of turtle?

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  1. Race horse summer person for me, and I love the picture of your little muse. I've seen that look a million times with family members of my own. :)

  2. Fall race horse who dreams of being a turtle one day! Would love to visit New England one day in the fall of course.

  3. Oh I love your Muse. Darling, darling, darling Muse is. What wonderful pictures Carol and your Haiku is awesome as always. Thank you.

  4. Lovely pictures.

    Jocelyn @

  5. I just love your blog. The poetry, photos and words of wisdom are like a deep fresh breath of air. Thank you.

  6. I just love that first picture. You always get such great pictures of your little doggie friend. I have such a hard time getting my mother's chocolate lab to pose well. She always comes over to smell the camera and lick my face.

  7. We are "enjoying" similar weather. I can hardly wait for it to cool down!

  8. Hi Carol ~~ Is ArtMuse Dog getting a little touchy?
    I'm liking your summer sunset "I" picture. I should take some like that around here. Light house and all.

  9. Your sumac looks different than what is down here in the south. I always think that is the cutest little doggy. Love it.

  10. Really want to cuddle your dog. Perfect haiku for inner beauty!

  11. I'm definitely a summer person, I can't stand the heat of summer, which is right now.

    cute dog! he's definitely photogenic!

    hope you have a sweet day.

  12. Gorgeous, as always! And what an interesting looking bud that sumac has. If I were a bird, I'd eat it, too! =>

  13. I just love that lighthouse photo. Of course you little pup is always adorable. I'm certainly a race horse kind of person. I'd like to slow down though.

  14. I love your response to "inner beauty".
    Enjoyed your beautiful photos and blog.

  15. SO gorgeous!!!!!!
    I'm still in the horse race by the way - and I'm not the jockey - I'm the horse!!!!!!!!
    Have a great one!
    Keep taking those breath taking photos :)

  16. Darn those judgements, let the inner beauty shine on!

  17. Zoe looks fabulous, as always....your haiku seems deeply personal....

  18. I'm a summer race horse trying to become a turtle...

  19. your posts allways make me think thank you .

  20. I enjoy meeting you, and telling you stories.

  21. Your haiku is gorgeous. I love the layers of meaning it conveys.

  22. The inner beauty haiku is for sure one of your absolute best. Love it

  23. I am a person that does NOT like the heat we are having but DOES love your little doggy pictures each time I visit...I think this week's is the CUTEST YET!!! :)

  24. Your dog is the cutest canine I've seen in a long time. AND your photos are always lovely.

  25. Your doggy is the star of that post!!!

  26. Lovely images of the height of summer! Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #23' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #24...

  27. So quiet and calm, the light house photos are lovely! drop by my blog for some stories and pix :)

  28. Your 'Inner Beauty' haiku was lovely.

    I would be quite happy to jump into the water in any of your photos!

    I think it might be time to move out of Arizona!


    Thanks for an intriguing link for the letter "I".


  29. What a cute little doggy face!
    great capture of the sumac!
    lovely photos and haiku!
    I love Summer best.
    I tend to be pretty busy and would love to enjoy more time just being.

  30. I love fall best. But spring is a close second! Love your photos.



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