Weds and Thursday Delights ~ Photography and Haiku

Cape Ann MA lighthouse for Water World Weds link

Cape Ann MA granite rock for BW My Memory Art link

haiku for Carpe Diem Haiku link for 'enthusiasm'

Smooth Sailing on Cape Ann MA Harbor for Outdoor Weds link

A Jaunt on the Cape Ann MA Boulevard for Alphabe 'J' Thursday Link

Path to Woods on Cape Ann MA for Rural Thursday Blog Hop Link

Love technology yet for me it can create feelings of complicating my energy. Now and again I am trying to keep my life simple. Photography helps me to do that ~ to center and focus to avoid 'multi-tasking' and be in the now. 'Online' is like being caught by the 'mid way' at the carnival with each 'barker' vying for your attention. Social Media are the 'barkers' and I need to ignore them. I am grateful for my followers and my creativity in writing, photography and sometimes painting. Special pleasures in life that give me great joy that is what I would like in my life.

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~ Henry David Thoreau