Through the Lens Weekend

Through the lens I find the 'now' in life. ~ carol

(scroll down a few photos for Weekend Shots ~ thanks, ^_^)
'I've Seen the Light and the Light is Me ~ for Weekly Top Shot link

Sun setting on Cape Ann MA for Sky Watch Friday link.

For Carpe DiemHaiku My Heart and Haiku Friday links.

'Afternoon Delight for the Geese' on Cape Ann MA for Camera Critters link.

Ducks enjoying a spring like day on Cape Ann MA for Weekend Reflections link.

Cape Ann MA crab shell  ~ for I Heart Macro 2 link

We wish you the best in each day. xxx

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QUOTE TO PONDER: 'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner every where.' ~ Chinese proverb


  1. testing that non G+ users are able to comment on my blog ~

  2. lovely fragile shell! I love strolling on beaches gathering small rocks and shells.
    BTW how do you test for non-G+ users' ability to comment? My family members mostly see my blog posts via Facebook. Is there a way to link Facebook's comments back to our blog site?

    1. It is all controlled by G+ and blogger ~ I had to decide and uncheck G+ comments as they are exclusive and I really want to be able to have my commenters that I grown to love to be able to comment here ~ so here it is ~ so glad to have you visit and comment ~ xxx

  3. Beautiful Photos. Your dog is beautiful!:)
    Have a nice evening!

  4. The dog photo is so cute!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  5. Wonderful shots! I particularly like the top two.

  6. Hi - yes I could post easily to your comments without google+. Cute dog!!

  7. beautiful photos!! lovely, take care,Diana

  8. Your weekly top shot is so adorable! Thank you for your visit today. Hope your are doing well!

  9. Lovely offerings as always dear Carol. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  10. I'm so glad you took off the google+ comment form. I always come by your blog, and felt bad that I couldn't comment.
    Your photos are lovely and AMD is as sweet as ever.

  11. Such delightful photographs... :-) I loved the way you completed the renga. :-)

  12. Love the shot of your puppy having fun! Great capture of the geese. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  13. I always enjoy your posts. I'm glad to see I can comment again. I wasn't able to before but understood you trying the new format.

  14. Hello Carol
    Great pictures you show. Have tilmedt me Google + so I can write comments. Wish you a nice day :) Hanne Bente

  15. Wonderful... vacuum can indeed fill in a while

  16. Very enjoyable post. Your little dog is so cute. I like the photo of the Gazebo with the Flag and the sun flare, very pretty.

  17. My favourite is your lovely litre puppy dog. I also like the last one of the shell very much.

  18. Cute dog!! But I loved seeing those wonderful geese.

  19. I absolutely love Art Muse Dog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. What a lovely series of shots. The geese are quite fun to see.

  21. Lots of great photos.. Your little pup is adorable.


  22. The shell is awesome what a find.. All the images are great shots..


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