Through the Lens 9

Through the lens I see the 'now' and treasured, loving memories.

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Ocean Reflections on Cape Ann MA for:

Weekend Reflections link.

Still recovering from illness so here is one of my favorite brush paintings for Sunday Sketches.

Love the fluffy yet, wet feathers of the dove ~ sunning itself on our deck after the rain
on Cape Ann MA ~ linked with Camera Critters and Saturday Critters.
'Little Flower' swaying in the wind for Little Things  and I Heart Macro 2

Moving on towards the weekend with Cape Ann MA sky photo for SkyWatch Friday.
Finally a pretty sky here ~ been hot then cold, then rain, hail even.

Cape Ann Beaches in action ~ Haiku for:
Haiku My Heart link and Haiku Friday

B for Boat for Alphabe Thursday link.

This photo is of a Cape Ann MA boat at the beginning of canal and about to go under the
Blynman Bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

She's at it again ~ sticking her tongue out at me when I try and take her picture.
for SHARE THE JOY link.

Joy in each day ~ not always easy to see or feel somedays but it is there.
Today I am feeling joy for having ArtMuse Dog,
a beautiful house
family and friends
good health
seeing the sacred in the ordinary.

Haiku for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai link ~ prompt 'greed'
(photo is a stock photo and not mine) 

A Bird planted the seed for this flower under my deck ~
for Black and White Wednesday link.

Boulevard on Cape Ann MA decorated with American Flags beginning Memorial Day.
for Our World Tuesday Meme.

We are wishing you the best in each day. xoxo

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QUOTE TO PONDER: ' Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.' ~ unknown

HOUSE HOLD HINT: ' Got a headache? Take a lime and cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away in most cases.'