A Shutterbug Explores #11

A Shutterbug is exploring Cape Ann MA each week with her camera and her assistant as always. We do look for 'the magic' and sometimes it appears when we are seemingly not looking. 
What a gift. What treasures nature offers to each of us.

We start our 'blogland' week on late Monday afternoon for Tuesday and then add a post each day. Hope you will make a return visit and share with us.

'In seed time, learn, in harvest, teach in winter, enjoy.'
~ William Blake

The 'yin and yang of it all.' On Cape Ann MA and everywhere.

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'Where's my dinner?'

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Saturday ~ Dec 12
One of things 'she loves to do' ~ 'snooze'
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Friday ~ December 11 
Haiku for you and Haiku My Heart

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Another beautiful sky on Cape Ann MA ~ a few lone boats still in this little harbor.

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Thursday ~ 
A 'Fence' of a different sort but much needed for safety. Members of this little village took it upon themselves, I believe, to repair it themselves this summer rather wait for the town.
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Wednesday ~
This local event on Cape Ann MA ~ specifically Magnolia MA was another beginning
of our holiday celebrations. It was a combination, Christmas Tree Lighting, the Menorah Lightingand Santa Claus for the children. My two friends and I enjoyed it all, the art studio openedwith creations for sale, indoor farmer's market and more. I was honored and it 'warmed my heart' to share with one of my friends who happens to be Jewish and she was able
to share with me the meaning of the Menorah Lighting. Then soon after the three of us
when for a light dinner at a restaurant on the same street where all the other events were held.
It was very simple yet festive and I  for one had a delightful time.
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Wednesday II
This little cutie was doing 'her thing' and letting me know she 'did not' want her photo to be taken ~ I laughed out loud and her expressiveness warmed my heart.

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'V' for Variety of raindrops on Cape Ann MA ~ also love the design the tree beaches create.

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created by Mrs Nesbitt several years ago

The start of the Christmas season on Cape Ann MA with a Santa parade 
and lighting of the tree.

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We are wishing you the magic of the season. xox

Your posted comments are like Christmas presents under the tree.
Thanks, ^_^


  1. Sweet holiday friend!

    Warm ALOHA,


  2. Everywhere the long, dark nights of the approaching solstice are brightened by the Holiday lights.

  3. Hi! Nice capture. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We have a corner house in our neighborhood that looks like that only double it..You and Artmuse enjoy your week.

  5. The town lights glow - all small towns show their beauty around the holidays.

  6. That looks like fun. The decorations are appearing in my neighborhood, but I never seem to find the time to put them up.

  7. Wonderful holiday captures!! And Artmuse is the perfect partner for any holiday!! Give him a hug for me!! Thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty and the fun!!

  8. I have seen only a few Christmas of other countries, yet i guess the ostentatious display of lights and the length of celebrations are not as common and long as what we have here in our country. But i love the simplicity also of what i saw in others, just to have it remembered.

  9. Hello Carol, here is another present under your Christmas tree - loved your comment about comments! Your Christmas tree is the bee's knees!
    Happy Tuesday when it gets to you!
    Wren x

  10. Lovely lights! Enjoy the festive season.

  11. I love Christmas lights and yours are beautiful.

  12. Hari OM
    OOooohhhhh preettteeeeeee!!!! YAM xx

  13. As I was ging to collect my son from a rehearsal tonight - I though, I need to do some long exposure shots! And here you are, ahead of me!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. such a beautiful festival of lights Carol! How nice to see the bare branches of winter filled with color.

  15. Your traditional parade and lighting of the tree is magical! I can almost feel the frosty air down here in steamy Florida. This year the lighting of the tree was the lighting of the castle at Disney World. It was dressed in icicles! Then the whole park was lit up, huge decorated trees everywhere! A night to remember!

  16. Good morning, pretty capture of the parade and lights at night are beautiful. Have a happy week!

  17. Hello Carol. I'm so pleased the to see the shining lights on your parade. We're all getting into the spirit over heare too. All the best wished to both you and Artmusedog.

  18. Lovely photo. I was a dog person for decades, but when the last two died, I realized that I was burned out. Here I sit with a kitten in my lap and a five year old cat napping in the next room. I think it likely that it will be cats for life for me.

  19. Colored lights are my favorite! Beautiful! :)

  20. The raindrops looked like strung white lights!

  21. The lights are really pretty! I haven't been out to see Christmas lights yet.

  22. What beautiful sites you have captured with your lens. Enjoy the holidays!

  23. So beautiful with the colored lights! Have a wonderful Christmas time Carol.

  24. Nice choise for this weeks letter with beautiful photo's as wel... although i do enjoy the sun (wich is here now) more then rain ..

    Have a nice abc-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  25. Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my blog today, good to hear from you again.Lovely photos, as always, have fun on your photo safaris. Hugs, Valerie

  26. I really really like the photo with the raindrops!

  27. What beautiful photographs! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too. I especially love your raindrops and of course even when objecting, ArtMuse Dog is so sweet!

  28. Candles and Christmas lights, two things I love at this time of year.

  29. Beautiful Christmas lights! I just love that cute shot of ArtMuseDog. It warmed my heart too.

  30. I always thought that Art was photogenic so I believe she was acting today.
    Looks like 'The Cape' is pretty much ready for Christmas. Pretty tree, nice night shot.

  31. Such a wonderful time of year expressed your photos.in

  32. What a nice thing to do with your friend, i must find out more about the Menorah I have jewish ancestry on my dad's side :-)

  33. The celebration of lights is beautiful. Pretty collection of images and Art Muse doggie is adorable. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  34. Bravo to the townspeople for getting together and making the needed repairs.

  35. good for the residents who just fixed it and can then get the proper use out of the pier! it's a lovely shot and I really like the tree covered in raindrops! But I never tire of seeing Christmas lights so thanks for sharing those too and even your assistant posing or not as the case maybe! Such a sweetie!
    Thanks for visiting and I ve just become a follower - your welcome to follow too - it would be much appreciated!
    Happy weekend to you!

  36. Good thing they fixed it, that's a long way down to the water. That's a beautiful place to have a boat.

  37. Beautiful shots. I hope your Holidays is going smoothly.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  38. lovely reflection water shot and great dock, too. :)

  39. Since when does Zoe not want his/her picture taken? That was pretty funny. My dog never cooperates with anything. I'm taking her to obedient school and it's not going well!

  40. I like the shot of the Christmas lights, and also "little cutie"!!

  41. Pretty shots of the water, and Merry Christmas to ArtMuseDog!

  42. luv the Santa parade and tree lighting photo

    have a wonderful weelend

    much love...

  43. Such light in all your photos! Your haiku is lovely, I love that last line of "nature bringing light." I have this image of all these woodland spirits walking through the dark woods bringing home the light... and your little muse made me laugh! Have a wonderful weekend!

  44. Your haiku is simply peaceful and I feel it.

  45. I feel like I accompanied you and Artmuse on your Cape Ann camera pilgrimage. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Zoe's reaction is so loveable. :-) Your photo of the raindrops is amazing.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  47. Art muse always steal the show. I just adore that little dog :-) Your shot of the dock and the one before it showing that gorgeous glistening water are my favorites....after Artmuse.

  48. Thank you for your ever presence here always spreading the love & Light in such a beautiful way....x

  49. Such a lovely interaction between you and your assistant.

  50. Hello, love the sweet dove photo and your adorable doggie! The haiku is beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  51. Beautiful captures! I love the sweet dove and the gorgeous sky. Have a wonderful weekend, Carol!

  52. Nature bringing light, love and peace..

  53. I just love your photos, as you know, but particularly love the ones of Zoe.

  54. aww, your water shots are just lovely. so peaceful. calm. ( :

  55. Your sweet girl stuck her tongue out at you ;)))! Beautiful Holiday season photos... Helps me get into the spirit of the Season ... Which is somewhat hard in this weather (we're back in Florida)!

  56. Very much liked your shot for GFences and of course that adorable little dog.

  57. As always I loved your haiku!

    The ceremony did warm my heart...as did your lovely, joyous Zoe!

    Thank you for linking.

    Happy New Year!



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