A Shutterbug explores the surrounding areas of Cape Ann MA each week with her camera and her assistant, most times. We do look for 'the magic' and sometimes it appears when we are seemingly not looking. What a gift! What treasures nature offers! 
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'It is a happy talent to know how to play.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday ~ Our World Tuesday (across the 'pond')

This is 'Our World' on Cape Ann MA right now ~ Snow! ~ tis Winter.

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ABC Wednesday ~ (another 'across the pond) with great posts

Snow Storm on Cape Ann MA ~ from the angle of my photo it looks like the trees are being Crushed by wind and snow.  (C) for Crushed.

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Wednesday ~ Warm My Heart

I know this photo look cold and it is on Cape Ann MA ~ Yet this little kite has been in the tree
through many storms, rain, snow, wind. Plus it reminds of Spring ~ coming soon!
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Thursday ~ Good Fences 
Snow on Cape Ann MA and fence holding well ~

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Friday ~ Skywatch Friday 

Magnificent Sky on Cape Ann MA 

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Friday ~ Haiku My Heart
Haiku for you and Haiku My Heart

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Saturday ~ Camera Critters and Saturday Critters links

Sorry for the shepherd hook in the way ~ but they are on my deck and rather hard to go out there as they fly away ~ This yellow bird has now brought her little ones with her ~ is that possible this
time of year??? I know I saw little ones.

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Sunday ~ Sunday Sketches ~ 
A sketch from my Artist Journal with a quote from The Tao Te Ching,  Lao Tzu:

'The difficult tasks of the world
must be handled through the simple tasks.
The large tasks of the world
must be handled through the small tasks.'

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We are wishing you peace in each day. xox

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  1. Hari OM
    What a wondrous array of a winter's day... or three or four... YAM xx

  2. The snow makes dramatic and beautiful photos but I am glad I don't have to live with it. Keep safe and warm!

  3. Beautiful shots. I hope you didn't get the brunt of the blizzard.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. Can't help but love those snowy scenes.

  5. Beautiful shots. You've really captured the feeling of winter. I also love the sky shots and the beautiful sunsets. Have a great week.

  6. Lots of snow... Cold winter everywhere! I think that spring will come in late april and at the forecast are predicted more freezing temperatures and cold winter days for our area in february...
    So, let's stay warm and cosy, if possible... So lovely pictures , amazing skies and nature aspects in post!
    Best regards! And a pleasant week!

  7. How lovely! And I do admire your fortitude. I haven't had the nerve to go out in ours :) Beautiful photos!!!

  8. Oh, I can only agree with the others!! Such beautiful, winter captures and glorious skies!! Thank you for sharing the beauty!! I hope you have a great week! And do give Artmuse a hug and a pat for me!!

  9. I love snow - everything is so pretty with that blanket of white. And that sky is spectacular.

  10. I loved all your photos, Carol, especially those of the sky over the water! That is always an amazing view to see. I don't think your area got as much snow from Jonas as other areas --what a storm that was--record breaking! We have to keep dreaming of spring ;) Have a wonderful week!

  11. Hello Carol &
    Artmuse! My but you have lots of snow so glad to see your bird feeders are supplying those little birds with food
    Your photos of the skies from your deck are just glorious!
    Best wishes for a good week!

  12. We had a big chunk of that snowstorm too but despite the after mess, it is a beautiful sight. Gorgeous pictures, especially that magnificent sky one. Love your sketch and quote. Hope Artmuse dog stayed cozy and warm during it all. And baby birds- I would never have thought it now as this doesn't appear to be a winter bird...

  13. A beautiful post. I especially like your journal page and haiku.
    Peace to you too.

  14. Lovely photos ....... your snow looks beautiful ....... hope it doesn't last too long!

    Stay warm!

  15. Looks cold!!! Yet, the snowfall and the beautiful yellow bird is one great picture.

  16. What a week! Looks like a lot of snow. :)

  17. Strong is the winter. Cold the pictures. Perfect.

  18. A winter wonderland beautifully captured.
    I love to see scenes like these especially when I sitting next to the wood burner!
    Stay cozy and have a great week.

  19. Hello there! Lovely photos. I like the skies you captured and the snow!

  20. Hello, we were in the path of that snow storm too. It left behind 21 inches of snow here in Maryland. I hope you and your furbaby are safe and warm. I love the poems and the pretty photos. I know the birds are happy that you are putting out food for them. Have a happy day!

  21. Gorgeous skies! Have a great week!

  22. A nice couple of photo's ... indeed weather can be 'crushing' .. Good choice for this weeks letter.. although i hope that nature doesnt get crushed by more bad weater ofcourse

    Have a nice abc-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  23. Great idea to take photos for all the memes in one post! The photos are lovely winterpictures. Here we haven't had any snow at all.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  24. Of course I love your beautiful skies and even your winter wonderlands -- the red kite in the snowy tree is wonderful - - color must be so appreciated this time of year -- although your snow photos (those crushed trees!) are beautiful. (Though you know I'd rather look at it in pictures.) Your sketches and poems are great -- you are so very talented.

  25. Lovely snow scenes. Seeing those chicks reminds me nature seems to be as confused by the weather as we are this year

  26. That's a nice thing about the birds that hang around, they almost get to be family. You miss them a lot if they are gone. Heart warmers to have them around.

  27. Hello Carol, wonderufl collection of sky shots. The weather has been awful lately. We are finally seeing clear skies and a little warmer weather. Take care! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  28. Beautiful winter wonderland,,so much like home,,, :-)

  29. Winter has it's good and bad points. Your photos emphasize the beauty, the good!

  30. We have a lot of snow fences today and each one looks so different but all of them look might cold.

  31. Great photos! As always, I loved the haiku. Just lovely.


  32. I love your journal, you have some talent.
    Yes, the rumors are true, you got some snow.
    I love your sky photo
    And you get a prize for the best haiku I have seen all week.
    Take care and keep warm!

  33. Beautiful shots! I like that fence shot with the snow and dramatic sky. The moon & clouds shot is a beauty as well!

  34. Love the idea of an artist's journal. I try to do ink illustrations once in a while in my cabin journal. - Margy

  35. I love that Emerson quote! As you know, I enjoy playing with my dolls!

    The snow is beautiful. Tell those birds they need to fly south.

  36. Lovely snow shots.

  37. Brrr...looks cold there. Is cold here. Nice collection of images for the week.
    JM, Illinois

  38. Luv the sketch best of all
    A happy weekend to you

    Much love...

  39. Your Haiku is full of love and light this day. Thank you.

  40. Brrrrrrrrr Carol! Thank you for sharing your white world and those pops of color! And your haiku does fill me with love and kindness, as does your sharing each week... I slowed down with your little snail to read those wise words... have a cozy and wonderful weekend!

  41. More light, and more. Haikus are exploding with light this week.

  42. Lovely haiku. Beautiful picture of that kite. Lovely quote and sketch there. :)

  43. Amen to your haiku and image, a beautiful prayer...happy weekend. x

  44. Hello Carol, I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  45. What a gorgeous series! I can't believe how much snow you have, we have patches of grass popping through. Very strange for NH!

  46. The fence photo is my favorite!
    Have a great week-end!

  47. Wonderful post . . .
    Great photography . . ,
    I like your little bundle . . .
    Reminds me of mine!

  48. Super jealous of all that beautiful snow and lovely cold.

    You have no idea how envious. Sigh....


  49. All the photos are beautiful and i loved your artist journal. I do feel sorry for trees that are 'crushed' by snow and wind and ice! :-(

  50. All the photos are beautiful and i loved your artist journal. I do feel sorry for trees that are 'crushed' by snow and wind and ice! :-(

  51. Beautiful post-storm images! I especially love the one for Good Fences. Lovely finch.

  52. Lovely series of photos Carol. Breathtaking skies and the snow photos, especially the one with the light of the moon reflecting off the water, brilliant. Sweet little bird capture too. Enjoyed your artist journal and the wonderful Lao Tzu quote as well.

  53. Such a beautiful and inspiring post! Love the haiku and your sketch.
    Have a happy Sunday!

  54. Your sweet art journal entry is a warm relief from the cold, but gorgeous, environment outside your windows. You and Art-Muse stay warm and safe. Happy Sunday Sketches! #8

  55. Gorgeous skies and beautiful snow, it looks so cold but in the best way possible!!!!

  56. beautiful snail for Sunday Sketches, and wonderful photos of your snowy winter world right now!

  57. Your snail is wayy too cute. Awwwww Love it, Carol. xx

  58. Brrr...it looks very cold there!! I enjoyed your sketch. Visiting from Sunday Sketches.

  59. Looks still very cold and a lot of snow. We only had once a little snow, and hopefully that was it !

  60. Aww...that kite. Makes a really interesting shot! Love the fence photo as well. Great post.

  61. resting in your wisdom, love and beauty.

  62. I like the bright splash of color on a dreary day.

    Doesn't that always feel like magic?

    It does to me and, as usual, your link just warms my heart.

    Thank you for linking to week 11.



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