Another blog week begins on Cape Ann MA,
with photography, haiku and art links.
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'Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity.'

~ T.S. Eliot

Our World Today ~ on Cape Ann MA
Rain, Snow, Sun, Rain and again tomorrow more rain.

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Wednesday ~ ABC Wednesday ~ 'C'
'Clouds in my Coffee' on Cape Ann MA

We seem to have many cloudy days lately. Am grateful that
we do not have snow but am sure it will arrive again.
It is only January a bit of winter time to go yet.

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ABC Wednesday

Sky Watch Friday

Wednesday ~ Wednesday Waters

Cape Ann Harbor ~ sun trying to come out.

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Wednesday ~ Outdoor Wednesday 
Harbor sky on Cape Ann MA
before the snow came and then left again

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Thursday ~ Good Fences Around the World

Snow Covered Stonewall ~ Fence on Cape Ann MA

Friday ~ Haiku My Heart 

Haiku for you from Cape Ann MA 

Friday ~ Paint Party Friday
Angel of Love ~ w/c and pen and ink
then several layers of encaustic to protect her

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Saturday ~ Saturday Critters
You have to look real hard to see our feathered friend
here on Cape Ann MA feeding.

Sunday on Saturday ~ 
Shadows on Cape Ann MA ~ rare lately 

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Sunday ~ Sunday Sketches ~ 
Angel of Peace
 finished from last week's
work in progress ~
She is sending you peace.

Sharing with Alexandra's Sunday Sketches

'The Best' for Last ~ 

'Snoozing on the job' on Cape Ann MA

We are wishing you a gentle and creative week. xox

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  1. Wonderful January scenes of Cape Ann. We are having much the same-not snow but many dark, rainy days...
    I love how YOUR angels do bring light and joy. Beautiful haiku. And really, I wish I could just jump in the screen and squeeze Ms Zoe-what a darling. Have a wonderful week Carol!

  2. Looks like the cutie patootie just got back from the groomer.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  3. Your skies are incredible this week Carol - very beautiful! The angels look gently on as your fur babe peacefully sleeps - does she dream of angels?
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful week!

  4. Seascapes are always beautiful and the varied skies you show make it all even better. Have a good week and thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw the little bird! What an interesting nest she built! Hugs!

  6. Beautiful photos as always - I don't miss that northeast grey. Your little dog didn't see you sneaking up with the camera - what a cute shot. Have a wonderful week!

  7. I like how shadow and light play in the room projecting interesting shapes through the chairs and, of course, your sleepy muse and gentle angels project an aura of peace.

  8. Sky is always so beautiful over Cape Ann Ma! And I love the gorgeous shadow photo. I did have to see twice to find the bird in Saturday photo :-) Nice camouflage, birdie!

  9. Love those big sky photos even though they are cloudy. We have nothing but cloudy skies here too. So blah...It is fun seeing all of your creative work. It lifts my spirits. Have a wonderful creative week.

  10. Your week looks just perfect to me, says she in the midst of summer *grin* but I do love that kinda weather, it's the reason we're moving to the place we're moving to... Have a happy week

  11. I love your paintings and sketches of Angels...they're gorgeous! And, that cute little "Pooch" is always a favorite :)

    @ A Place for Pictures and Memories

  12. Such a lovely silhouettes for 'Outdoor Wednesday'.

  13. Lovely photo's.... clouds in coffee? Only the reflections I hope ;-)

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)
    (want to take a preview at the new url starting round 21 ? http://abcwednesday.wordpress.com)

  14. the sky is just gorgeous in all of the photos :D the snow is pretty too, but I don't miss it lol

    hope you have a good week :D

  15. You've had a very creative week with your photos! lovely...

    abcw team

  16. Wonderful pictures. Hope the rest of the week is better! :)

  17. Your little pup is my favorite, too! What a lovely grooming job -- reminds me that my Bailey needs a haircut!

  18. Gotta love those cold rainy winter days, perfect for snuggling under a blanket with a book or dvd.

  19. Snoozing on the job - how sweet!
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. It took me quite awhile to see the bird's beak to identify it. I couldn't decide whether its dark grey body was a rock at first. Then I wondered if it was a seal. lol.

  21. Your skies are more interesting than here in Illinois. It is one gray day after another gray day. Sweet photo of your assistant.

  22. Lovely skies this week & of course your sweet little Zoe always makes me smile! Precious!

  23. Hello Carol. Grey days, rain on the lens, let sleeping dogs lie. if only I could think of those pictures. Nice work. Have fun despite the rain.

  24. Nice skies on Cape Ann whatever the weather.

  25. Especially love that snow covered stone fence! That's a lovely shot!

  26. I love your wintry January scenes, your paintings but most of all I love 'snoozing on the job' :)


  27. I love your napping puppy dog but I also love that snow covered fence. Take care!!

  28. Great skies, fun sketches, and of course I love the stone wall!

  29. beautiful weather images. We call this kind of weatehr for April weather. Changes constantly :)

  30. Love the Friday Haiku, your journal angel is great, and Ms. A.M. Dog seems to be slacking! :)

  31. Even on the greyest day there's always at least a pinprick of light, isn't there?

  32. I will take some of your clouds in my coffee, please! Sweet dreams sweet Zoe, angels watching over. Have a wonderful weekend, the both of you.

  33. There will always be light through the darkness. Beautiful words, Carol. Happy New Year.

  34. Your skies are beautiful!! I like the one photographed through the raindrops.

  35. Very pretty sky shots. - It's wonderful when the sun makes an appearance even if it's brief. - Loved your snowy fence, the pretty angel drawings & I think Zoe has the right idea.

  36. What beautiful skyscapes and I love your haiku. Your angels and Zoe are so sweet too...

  37. Love the sweet Angels as they smile against grey skies So like your haiku.

  38. Hello Carol, coming to you from PPF - a sweet little angel of love and the angel of peace is beautiful to see as well.
    Your scenic shots are gorgeous - those incredible skies and clouds!
    Lovable doggie. Cheers now :D)

  39. Cloudy days have charm too. I love watching the changing clouds. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  40. Hello Carol, love the views of the water. It is nice to see even bits of light. I found the cute Junco and your furbaby napping is adorable. Your angel sketches are beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  41. Being watched over--by angels, no less!--is a comforting thought.

  42. Really beautiful captures of our world!! And what everyone needs is an angel watching over them!!

  43. Stunning photos and always a joy to visit here. I wish you a blessed weekend.

  44. Beautiful views, lovely little bird and so various dramatic skies... I like very much the Harbor sky and the tree!
    Such cute sleepy one! :)
    A very nice day and weekend, too!

  45. Sweet pup! But I loved the haiku especially. Lovely! I hope you're having a nice weekend!

  46. lovely images and shadow shots! Have a GREAT week!

  47. I like all of your pictures, especially the clouds, orchids and the dog..
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  48. Nice pics Love the sky shot, so interesting.

  49. Hi Carol-
    Beautiful winter photos from around your part of the world.
    I particularly love the window shot with water droplets, the angel sketch and that cutie sleeping :)
    Have a Happy Weekend!
    Peace :)

  50. Hi Carol, Very nice to find your blog thanks to your kind comment on mine. I must compliment you on the way you have your blog organized. What a great way to share your photography and art and Haiku! I see that we are in similar locations, living near the sea. I will be back often to see more of Cape Ann. Shutterbug Explores #68 … I love the photos and your Angel of Peace … so sweet! Thanks for sharing and thanks again for stopping by John’s Island. Hope to see you again often! (PS Looking at Cape Ann on the map made me smile … we are close to being at opposite ends of Interstate 90 about 3,020 miles … Seattle to Boston.)

  51. Such various skies you have shown us! They are beautiful and those lovely sketches make me smile! Have a happy new week!

  52. Lovely watercolor art of the angel!

  53. All kinds of everything on the weather front it seems!

    Sorry about slow reply - I have been in New Zealand and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  54. The weather may not be terribly nice, but it gives you such beautiful skies for your photos! It's fantastic that you have so much beauty right outside your windows.

  55. Hi Carol, such gorgeous photographs..stunning! and I love your art, so peaceful and beautiful, such inspiring angels!Your sweet pup always makes me smile..I have a little one too!
    Have a magical day, thanks for visiting me too and adding your sparkle!

  56. beautiful angel for SS, lovely all finished.

  57. I love the snow covered stonewall picture very much and the quote for a grey day too. You made lovely little angles :) Many thanks for sharing this magic!

  58. These make me miss living by the sea! Stay warm though! I imagine it is pretty cold up north right now. Haven't been to Mass in the winter in over 20 years. I do remember the wind and how it bites so though! Have agreat week!

  59. dear friend,
    stay warm. stay true. so much love for your open heart.

  60. Fantastic collection of photos and lovely angels... but the prize has to go to that adorable cute pooch ^..^
    Have a great week

  61. So many beautiful scenes featuring stunning light. And the little one in the last photo is a treasure.

  62. Hello, I admire all of your lovely and how you connect with various groups. Have a lovely week!
    ~~ Irene


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