Another blog week begins on Cape Ann MA.

We had a rather nasty rain and snow storm.

So a few of photos of the storm and the New England Weather
and how fast it can change. Other links to creative 
bloggers from around the world, photography,
haiku, painters, sketches ~ Enjoy. ^_^

(scroll down for the blog link you want, thanks.)

'You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back, relax, all you need is a book.'
~ Dr Seuss

Tuesday ~ Our World Tuesday ~ 

During the rain ~ snow storm on Cape Ann MA ~
Weather reported it was suppose to be a blizzard ~
Gratefully it turned to rain and was just a mess.
Hard for anyone to get about ~

Sharing with: Our World Tuesday 
with photographers from around the world

Wednesday ~ ABC Wednesday ~ Letter is K
K ~ for Kayaks in the snow on Cape Ann MA
waiting for better weather

Sharing with: ABC Wednesday

Wednesday ~ Outdoor Wednesday 

A wild surf photo on Cape Ann MA

Sharing with Outdoor Wednesday

Thursday ~ 'Fences Around the World'
Fence seen through frosty window during rain and snow storm
on Cape Ann MA

Sharing with: Around the World Fences

Friday on Thursday ~ 'Sky Watch Friday'

Clouds, sky and surf wild on Cape Ann MA
after the storm ~

Sharing with: Sky Watch Friday

Friday ~ 'Rebecca's Haiku My Heart' 
After the Cape Ann MA snowstorm the surf was still wild.

Sharing with: Rebecca's Haiku My Heart
Haiku above Reads:

intrepid steps
lively when young turn soft
letting go of the fear.

Friday ~ Paint Party Friday 

A Mixed Media Collage
(paint, clay, specialty paper and more)

Sharing with: Paint Party Friday

Saturday ~ 2 photos ~ for 'Saturday Critters' and Camera Critters
'Critters of a sort.' ~ These were so cute I couldn't
resist a photo on a walk on Cape Ann MA with Zoe and a friend.

'Groomed for St Paddy's Day' on Cape Ann MA

Sharing with:

Eileen's Saturday Critters and

Sunday on Saturday ~ Shadow Shot 2
A cold but sunny day on the beach of
Cape Ann MA.
Thus, able to get a shadow shot.

Sharing with: Shadow Shot Sunday 2

My 'Angel of Light' in progress ~

Sharing with Alexandra's Sunday Sketches

We are wishing you a peaceful and loving week ~ xox

Your posted comments add delight to our blog ~ thanks, ^_^


  1. Nice photos. I know you are looking forward to spring. Hey today is the first day of spring. Happy Spring anyway. ;) Love your sketches and that collage.

  2. I've visited New England but never in the winter. I'm cold looking at some of your great photos!0..0

  3. loved to see the over snowed small boats and your art for PPF :)

  4. Oh those stormy scenes!!! I thought of you much during that Nor'easter. But I do understand that coastal areas get hit with less snow-more rain and freezing rain:( Love your mixed media art- that face looks so peaceful. Darling deer sculpture photo-awe... but Zoe takes top honor of course:) Lovely angel of light. Happy -and thawing - week to you!

  5. The ocean looks pretty fierce and the snow on the canoe's look really cool.

    We actually had blizzard conditions, but the snow did not accumulate as expected (we still got ~8").

  6. Such wonderful scenes - I love the high surf and sometimes miss going down to a beach to watch it. And your little dog posed beautifully!

  7. Hari OM
    Oh Zoe - you shine among a bunch of jewel-shots!!! (We're getting the other side of that storm over here now...) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Love that little Angel of Light! Very nice photos!

  9. I love those boats in the snow.

  10. perfect weather to be snug inside with a good book mind you you're probably a bit over the cold weather and ready for spring :-)

  11. Love the St. Pat's Day grooming! Such an adorable outfit.
    And the very first image...the rain....looks like a mixture of Picasso & Rembrandt work. I LOVE it.

  12. I guess you did get rain!!! It looks as if you had torrential rain from those pix!! Nice shadow shot, thanks to that sun!!...:)JP

  13. Your pictures a terrific, I love a good storm/snow scene, that is looking at it !
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog,just going back
    to reply,
    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  14. What an adorable little cove in that second to last image


  15. I love that sweet Angel of light! And your little dog all groomed for St. Patty's day! Hope it's nice weather this week! Hugs, Diane

  16. Your furry little muse groomed for Paddy’s Day is too adorable for words!!

  17. I love the frosty window photo! And the kayaks in snow. They look so ready for spring :-)
    Zoe is looking super cute with bandana! Have a wonderful new week. xo

  18. All of your photos are magnificent! The Sky Water Friday photo is just beautiful, as is the rain photo! I always enjoy seeing your lovely Angels. Well, your St. Paddy's pup looks so sweet. I have a Cock a Poo who had her hair done on St. Paddy's day too! Have a fantastic week, Carol. ~Suzanne

  19. Your pictures of "the mess" outside in front of your window are really impressive to see. I also love the sweet collage you did! And of course the lovely angel!

  20. That is s a pretty big storm! It's a good thing that it wasn't too bad. I like the rain/snow on the window.


  21. It did look very cold and stormy in Cape Ann, Carol. That was good "cup of tea and curl up with a good book" type of weather! I'm glad you had a sunny day afterwards in which you could take a walk. Zoe looked very festive for St Patrick's Day!
    Love your drawing --we could all use more angels in our lives.
    Have a good week!

  22. Looks like those kayaks are hoping to get out on the water soon. - Margy

  23. love Zoe's bandana :)

    great surf photos :)

  24. we got snow too, but yours looks prettier!

  25. I like your mixed collage. Seeing it got my hands itchy to do create something. Thanks, Carol, for the inspiration.

  26. Looks quite a storm! Having just returned from the other side of the Pond, I hope their spring which is bursting forth, will soon be with you! Here's to your cute little leprechaun Art Muse dog playing in the sunshine!
    Have a happy week, Carol
    Wren x

  27. cold and wet....not my cup of thea but beautiful never the less ;-)

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  28. The wild weather does make a great subject for photography - beautiful images! And angelic Zoe looking pretty as ever!

    Have a lovely week,

  29. I wondered how you even get Zoe out for a walk on those horrid bitter rainy days. I bet she and you both were glad for the slightly better weather. Cape Ann beaches look so beautiful in the sunshine -- even if cold. And they are quiet ... I love a quiet beach (pretty hard to find here in Florida).

  30. Your photographs are spectacular as usual, but sweet little Muse Dog took the show this week in that spiffy St. Paddy's Day bandana. Blessings, my friend!

  31. Cold,cold, cold! I do like the images with the snow on the window.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  32. You're winter-pictures are really great, but I'm happy that in Germany the spring will come :) The shot for Outdoor Wednesday is my favourite.

  33. Luv the snow view of the fence Carol. Happy Thursday

    much love...

  34. Wonderful ocean views, Carol and very touching haiku!
    I love Miss Zoe's shamrock neckerchief!
    Best wishes!

  35. Hello, pretty views of the sea and waves. The painting collage is pretty. Love the deer and snowy window. Great shots. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  36. You hardy person you venturing outside and taking great pics of the bad weather.
    I love the St. Paddy's puppy. Our dogs don't like scarves. Such spoilsports.

  37. I like the photo of the kayaks in the snow! Have a wonderful weekend.

  38. It still looks cold on Cape but I like snow the view. Those colorful boats covered with snow is lovely and your angel is so pretty as always.

  39. Storms can be scary but your rain and snow photos turned out beautifully. I love the sunny day on the beach. Have a wonderful day!

  40. Hello!:) Horrible weather conditions, but great shots of just how horrible it really was. Love your first shot of the rain, and fence shot, and glad you stopped to take a picture of the deer family, and your cute doggy Zoe of course looks so very fetching.:)

  41. BRRRR! Those first photos really captured winter's final blow. Hopefully.

  42. Love your collage, your drawing, your snow scenes (snow??? eeeek!), your dog, your haiku, and you!

  43. Glad you are safe from the storms, lovely haiku, soft steps... and how pretty Zoe looks in the wearing of the green!

  44. Your letting-go haiku reminds me of how hard it can sometimes be to let go...

  45. What a beautiful collage and your sweet pup looks adorable with the clovers. I also love your angel!

  46. Carole your art is so sweet ♥♥♥ I love it and your photos are amazing. You have a good eye for the camera and you capture the beauty of your world well.

  47. Good morning, Carol! Your sweet Zoe looks cute groomed for St. Patrick's Day! Wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  48. stay warm my friend! gentle steps that lead to spring! xo

  49. Your pillow matches you - you doll face!!

  50. Hello, I love the sea waves and your drawing is gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend!

  51. A lovely series which made me feel the frost...
    Posing little dog is the loveliest, though :)

  52. Your little partner looks so adorable in his st patricks day outfit. As cute as ever!

  53. Awe Zoe has my heart again in her little St Pattys scarf!! You can see how cold that water is in the Wednesday photo... and I'm a little surprised about that!! Great photos...winter is not going away this year!!

    Hugs Giggles

  54. Hi Carol-
    I hope you are staying warm. Just looking at the ice and snow is cold enough for me these days.
    I love your mixed media work.
    Who's that cutie all ready for St. Paddy's? :)

    Thank you for your visit.

    Have a Happy Weekend!
    Peace :)

  55. These pictures are beautiful Carol! But so much snow in March! Don't know whether I could cope ;-) Such a lovely mixed media piece too, and your dog looks so cute with the St. Paddy's scarf :-)

  56. You really captured the fury of the storm which closed down so many airports. Glad I was not traveling for the several days before things got back to normal.

  57. every week I look forward to your wonderful photos!

  58. Lovely array of photos, Carol! I particularly loved the snow pics and, of course, the ever adorable Zoe. :)


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