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'One can never consent to creep when
one feels an impulse to soar.'
~ Helen Keller

'Ten Pound Island' on Cape Ann MA
situated somewhat in the middle of the harbor of Gloucester  it was allegedly purchased from the Native Americans
for that ludicrous amount. Now, there is a
population that we continue to do a great disservice.
We are all so connected and equal.
When do we learn? I wonder.

'O' ~ for Oh my ! Beautiful flowers blooming on Cape Ann MA

This is a 'working lobster boat' on Cape Ann MA

Soon the pleasure boats will be out. Before my
husband passed away, we were always one of the
first to have our boat in the water ~
from April until October ~ weather permitting.
Grateful for the memories ~ Love boating.

Always fascinating on Cape Ann MA
not just because of the ocean also
for the variety of fences, woods, and The Boulevard

Thankful for where I live on Cape Ann MA.
Also for Spring, finally 'popping' into our
area with beautiful  flowers.

Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Watching skies on Cape Ann MA this
week and weekend proved to be interesting.
Such variety to please the eye.

Haiku My Heart ~ 
Haiku ~
 (when words printed on photo or painting it becomes a Haiga)

Mother Nature did surprise us this weekend with
very warm weather and flowers blooming
everywhere on Cape Ann MA

Paint Party Friday ~ 
An Angel beginning to bloom on
Cape Ann MA

This is the very start of an angel and I am
very indecisive whether to keep her more ethereal
with watercolor or include pen and ink for more
Check back next week and see how this angel
 wanted to appear to you and me.

'This is my fierce look.' She has a new camera and now
neither me nor Cape Ann MA is safe. 

More Critters ~ a different type of 'critter' ~ 
Quirky Critter on Cape Ann MA

Used to plant pretty flowers in the pot
until some wild critter decided it would
make a great breakfast. Now only plant flowers
in rail planters on our deck.

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
With sun comes shadows on Cape Ann MA
We had quite the weather for Easter ~ not only
sunshine but temps in the high 80' and humid.

Sunday Sketches ~ 
Rambunctious Bunny ~ 
Easter was too much for this bunny ~ needs repairs
Humidity too much for the little bunny.

We are wishing you the best in your days. xox

Your posted comments are a treasure to us. thanks, ^_^

ArtMusedog  owner ~ carol


  1. A wonderful collection of words and photos.

  2. Love your views of Cape Ann, a place I wish I knew. Can't complain, though, California is lovely too.
    The fierce pup makes me smiles.

  3. Hari OM
    OMD Zoe AMD... you made me tremble and quake! (With a little grin of course!) The new camera is bringing us some glorious shots!!! Sending Love, YAM xx

  4. Oh Carol, I thoroughly enjoyed this post from beginning to end (not that I don't with the others)!! It would be like writing a chapter for a book to describe the lovely words, photos, and art here. How beautiful to enjoy such dear memories of your hubby. Thanks for sharing the haiku/haiga info- new to me. And oh, Zoe does look a bit angry today...
    wishing you a great week ahead!

  5. Beautiful photos - it's looking very much like spring there. And LOL at your fierce little critter!

  6. Yes it is looking like Spring. Love the Haiku, your puppy dog, the boats, the fence and the flowers. And yes, damage to a people, if not addressed just goes on.

  7. Enjoy your new camera! I shall look forward to seeing how your angel appears!
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  8. Love your quirky critter! Someone had lots of fun putting it together.

    My Ruby Tuesday Too photo

  9. This is the most exciting time of year. Each day when you get out and about you see something new blooming or turning green. The leaves on the trees budding. Fun fun... Have a great week.

  10. All the stars are there, the doggie, the ocean, the art angel, and I love that lighthouse. I grew up with about 3 in view.

  11. Hi Carol. I just love your lobster boat photo, and the "Ten Pound Island". And, I know you're so excited to see some dainty yellow blooms on your island now...doesn't it open up a refreshing new door? Little Artmuse Dog is so personable-a cutie! Very nice post. Have a great week. Suzanne

  12. Great photos and sketches as always. The "Oh my! flower photo is stunning! I love Zoe's cute "fierce look" :-)

  13. Oh my ;-) lovely photo's again... and again also, I love the surroundings you live in.

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  14. Carol, wonderful captures, especially the tulips. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Finally get to reply - thank you for your comments on my blog posts! Love the daffodils and the metal critter:)

  16. Beautiful photos to fill in the prompts! So many!
    Thanks for visiting Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor.
    Happy A-Z.

  17. You have a number of Oh my moments!


  18. Wonderful captures all around. Love the little lighthouse in your first image.

  19. Hello Carol,
    What delightful read, such a lovely part of the world
    to live...and tell Zoe that I was scared of her fierce
    look. I hope you manage to get some lobster from the fishermen?
    I love lobster and there is a lot of it around British waters
    but it is terribly expensive but we have it for a treat
    best wishes for lovely warm weather in the week ahead,
    so you can get out and about with your camera,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  20. Hello, you do have lovely views there! I always enjoy your pretty sketches, the angel and bunny are wonderful! Great collection of photos.
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  21. Cute Bunny!
    Love the flowers and the fence photo
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  22. ...I like your quirky critter.

  23. Lovely scenes and a dear memory. Your artwork is sweet and so is your 'feisty' little pooch. It seems the tinier they are, the bigger they act! xx Karen

  24. I like that bunny and your quirky critter! The island is very neat but sad to think about some of the bad deals made in the past. I hope we learn from history. I hope they are teaching it in the schools...but I doubt it. Love your pretty art and sweet dog! Hugs, Diane

  25. So many pretty views, i'd have a hard time deciding what to photograph.

  26. I am thankful that spring is finally coming to our area, also! I love your photos of Cape Ann. Enjoy your weekend!

  27. I am also thankful for spring. As much as I like the quiet time of winter, I also adore the change in the weather. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  28. I was thinking that it was chocolate more than the humidity that got to Rambunctious Bunny. :-)

  29. I enjoyed seeing this. The critters are awesome!

  30. I love your angel's ethereal look even as it is! You know I love simplicity.

  31. Lovely art and photos, and your little watch dog is doing her best to look dangerous! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  32. Spring is full of lovely surprises. Lovely weekend my friend.

  33. Another wonderful post from around Cape Ann! Now I know what a haiga is! And yours was inspirational!
    I had to smile at Miss Zoe's 'fierce' expression! She is a darling!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  34. Another super post. Your photos are excellent. I especially like the one of the Daffodils nad your sketches are just so cute.

  35. I'm always enchanted by nature's surprises. Sounds like you are too!

  36. Dear Carol, so glad to see that spring is finally touching you... your piece about the boats and your memories really touched my heart. And, that pic of Zoe! Wow! Also, love that angel blooming! Have a lovely weekend!

  37. Glad to see Zoe is in the pink, lovely portrait. Have happy times with your new camera, nice to see the daffodils in full bloom.

  38. My goodness, how fierce and yet cute artmusedog looks! I loved your haiku and the photos are lovely. I look forward to seeing how the angel proceeds.

  39. Yes, Mother Nature is full of surprises. And I like the angel ethereal. It leaves something to the imagination and it looks peaceful. And oh, my, Zoe is looking like a lion! A MAD lion! A very, very mad lion!

  40. Your photos are amazing this week ♥ You do such a great job of capturing your world with the camera. I always love seeing your dog. I have my first Yorkie and she is my world ♥

  41. LOL, I like AMD's fierce look! Have a great weekend.

  42. dear carol,
    yes. when will we learn to live with deep respect of all creatures, and every inhabitant? xo

  43. Oh I enjoyed my jaunt through your blog today! There is a bit of a dark and humorous cohesive theme here...with the dark tree, the whimsy, the bunny and Zoe...so fun!! Loved it all!!

    Hugs Giggles

  44. LOVE nature surprises. Your photographs are lovely as usual.

  45. Lovely photos and very cute paintings of the week… the shadow of the tree is wonderful and I also liked the silhouette tree in blue sky behind.

  46. Hello Carol, your Artmuse doggie could never look anything but sweet. I like the cute quirky critter and your bunny sketch. Wonderful critters and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  47. Fierce is a compliment on Project Runway!

  48. What a fierced dog, hehe :) - so cute!
    And all the other lovely things...
    Enjoy springtime

  49. Carol, I so enjoy your blog posts. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  50. LOVE that fierce look of your little buddy! Too cute!

  51. your blog is such a pleasure! Have a lovely day!

  52. oh wow 10 pounds for an island, not good. are those jonquills and daffodils? they're pretty

  53. 'Ten Pound Island' does it for me!

  54. Beautiful series of photos, Carol. I love the blossoming angel, the "fierce" gal, the bunny and your message on us all being connected very, very much. We are.
    Have a Happy Day!
    Peace :)

  55. Hello Carol!
    So much sensitive and touching words about memories, town, Spring flowers, blue skies, lovely things, drawings and amuzant little baby Zoe looking at your new photo camera!! :) :) I can feel the joy and gratitude for all of these you have beautifully shared with us through photo instants captured.
    Many thanks and I wish you a very sunny Spring in April to you! Best regards!

  56. Check back next week and see how this angel wanted to appear to you and me.

    I am eagerly waiting for this moment.

  57. Hi Kindred..everything here is beautiful and magical..love those blooms and such beautiful art..and sweet haiku! I always enjoy your creative world and all of your thoughtful and heartfelt photos/images are sublime!
    Happy Sunday Sketches

  58. Poor little Easter Bunny ...her ears are sagging in the unexpected heat, but she is adorable anyway! And everything else (including Zoe) looks absolutely beautiful on your early Spring days. Enjoy them now ... and revel in your beautiful memories of past Springtimes.

  59. It is really worth noting how pretty you structure your posts. I love it to see your "Tuesday-World", your "Wednesday-ABC" especiall with the Oh mey :) what made me laugh very much, your "thankful Thursday" and "Skywatch Frif´day". It's such a lovely idea, as well as I love the sweet lttle bunny and the angel.


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