Another blog week begins on Cape Ann MA
Weather has not been conducive to much
photographing ~ plus some poor health
has slowed me down ~ so I have used a photo
at times for several links. Hope you will enjoy them.

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'At the end of the day people 
won't remember what you said or did,
they will remember how you made them feel.'
~ Maya Angelou

Our World Tuesday and ABC Wednesday ~ letter is 'S'

also for Ruby Tuesday Too ~ 
When I see this Schooner, the Lannon, in the harbor
I feel hope that some good weather is coming
and the season is about to change. It is a beautifully built
replica and fun to sail on.
The 'rose' colored house in the background was recently
painted this color. Who knows why. Jazzy, huh?

Watery Wednesday and image-in-ing
Weather has been a real 'mixed bag' on Cape Ann MA
Strange weather patterns ~ strange times we live in.

Thankful Thursday and Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Thankful for a beautiful sky on Cape Ann MA
Also for capturing the moon coming out over the harbor

Haiku My Heart Friday ~ 
A haiku for you and Haiku My Heart 

(wind blows across earth
dancing ripples in harbor
light shines through darkness)

Paint Party Friday ~ 
An attempt at collage ~ with specialty paper, artist canvas
paint ~ not real happy with this but at least it got
me creating. Some days the 'mojo' is there and
well others ~ it just isn't.

Saturday Critters and Camera Critters ~ 
A 'furry friend' on Cape Ann MA
Don't you just love the feathers and the position the dove
gets into to 'preen' itself?

Camera Critters and Saturday Critters ~ 
Lone dove 'preening' on Cape Ann MA
I love the feathers on the dove and their cooing.

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
Jonquils in the 'shadows' on Cape Ann MA

Sunday Sketches ~ 
Another 'ethereal' angel from Cape Ann MA

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Wishing you a happy week ~ xox

Your posted comments are a delight to us. thanks.

Carol ~ 


  1. I think your collage is wonderful. I love the colors. What beautiful bird photos too.

  2. Hari OM
    I adore your angel... and the moon shot has the same mystical quality! I had a grin when I saw the schooner; our local yacht club had their summer-season opening this weekend - just as the long spell of dry, sunny weather ended and we could barely see them through the rain, hail and mist. All those sails looking every bit as ethereal as your angel!!! It was so miserable, I couldn't even attempt a shot of them. Sending Love and Blessings for a good week and improved health. YAM xx

  3. Ooh where to start? Love the schooner and rose colored house. Your haiku is simply divine. Love how your painted canvas is looking as well as your angel painting! And speaking of- your pics of the dove fluffing its feathers-superb! Angelou quote is a fave of mine:) Happy week to you and special pets to Zoe.

  4. Such a pretty place where you live, and I love that schooner!

  5. Hi Carol
    Wonderful photos of the dove preening himself so intently. The schooner evokes images of earlier days. Your collage looks pretty as well asyour angel. have a wonderful week my friend!

  6. Oh to be sailing on that schooner beneath that moon.

  7. Such nice pictures I especially love the "fury friend" you captured the "cleaning" so well !

  8. Your posts are always so peaceful, great photography. That 'rose' house looks like it belongs on the Mediterranean... Happy week and may spring reach out with its warm sunny rays *smiles*

  9. Lovely shots of your furry and feathered friends.

  10. Beautiful seaside and I love that bird! Lovely paintwork of the sea!

  11. Beautiful muted colours in sky and sea - linking with your ethereal angel. Love the dove shots!

    Have a wonderful week!

  12. I love those ruffly feathers! And the quote...they'll remember how you made them feel. Hugs!

  13. Your art work is always very good....and the fur baby is always such a joy. I think I like the first photo of the dove AND the very FIRST photo of the sail boat and the rose colored building...that's a nice contrasting color.

  14. Such breathtaking sceneries of Cape Ann MA! Love the pretty rose colored house. And I love the photos of the dove preening! Have a happy new week xoxo

  15. Saturday Critters are so cute. I like these pictures the most.

  16. I would love to ride a schooner someday. Have a great week.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  17. Love your photo of that schooner. I think they painted the house pink to give a warm tone to your photo (photo-centric view of life :) )

  18. your mixed media piece is lovely :) great colour and very energetic looking :)

  19. I bet those people painted their house because they were feeling very tropical and islandy. I always like your ethereal angels. Those schooners are amazing. When I see one my heart rate picks up. I would love to sail on one someday. Have a great weekend.

  20. Hello Carol, A nice collection of photos this week. Those feather shots are fun!

  21. Yes, it was cold and rainy this past Saturday. Thursday, it will be 90!


  22. Wonderful photo's as always... but the quote you've started this post with I like the most!

    Melody (ABC-W-team)
    Preview Round 21

  23. The Lannon Schooner is a beautiful ship! And, the water surrounding seems so fresh and accepting. Your Thankful Sky photo is so lovely with the pale pinkish and bluish colors surrounding it. A very nice post, Carol. I do enjoy your artwork and precious Angels. Hugs to Artmuse dog! Suzanne

  24. Beautiful schooner, the house must have been painted for you to make the scene more photogenic:) I like your collage.

  25. Great shots of the bird and I love that Schooner

  26. Hello, I love the Schooner and the moon captures! I love your angel sketch. Lovely series! Have a happy day!

  27. I especially love the photo of the schooner. The photos of the dove are amazing, too! I hope you get to feeling better.

  28. Oh I do love that shot of the pinkish moon rising over the bay!
    The schooner is a rare & beautiful ship & I like that jazzy house!
    Lovely to visit you
    Best regards!

  29. I hope it's thawing out for you there, good to be able to get out and about though.

  30. ...Carol, thanks for sharing you "Happy Place."

  31. I love that beautiful, sleek schooner! Enjoy your upcoming weekend.

  32. I do love seeing that schooner! Wow! Something I don't get to see! Thanks for linking up today!

  33. Love the collection of shots - my favorite are the ship

  34. Amazing photographs! My favorite one is the Artwork for Paint Party Friday! I looove the colors!


  35. Great captures!Happy weekend ahead!

  36. Wonderful photos and art, I LOVE your doves, fantastic shots! Happy PPF to you both, hugs, Valerie

  37. Beautiful collage for PPF, love the blues.

  38. I'm so glad, as your haiku suggests, that light always shines through the darkness. Have a wonderful weekend!

  39. Love the dove! Of course. Get well soon, Carol. Have Zoe snuggle with
    you. Doggie snuggles are so healing.

  40. yes to light shining through darkness!!! thank you for your place in our haiku hearts. enjoy a gorgeous weekend friend. xo

  41. Amazing moon, amazing dove!!... Such beauty captured in all views, Carol! Great post, as always and full of beautiful aspects of nature and weather in your part of the world!
    A very lovely and sunny weekend! Alexa

  42. Dear Carol, I always remember what I feel when I come here, as well as your art and photography! Why I look for themes over the years and I am always satisfied and thrilled with what I see and remember! I love that "rose" colored house! Did you notice how it matches in color and hue, the patch of rose in the following sunset photos? Thank you for all of your gifts! XO

  43. Hello, pretty dove images. I always love seeing your sweet dog too!

    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post! Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  44. Your collage is pretty and I love the shot of the dove. Have a great day!

  45. Hi Carol. I'm sorry you have not been too well of late. Sunshine and warmth is waht we all need right now. I'm sure it's on the way. I like to see colourful houses on waterfronts - so cheery and bright.

  46. The angels are in all those wings, Carol.
    Whether it is the birds' feathers or the Schooner's sail. And, in the moon and all beings too :)
    Wonderful snaps.
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    Have a Happy Weekend!
    Peace :)

  47. Love when the sailing ships are out and love your painting. Have a lovely weekend.

  48. Lovely collage and photos!! Love your critter this week too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  49. Wow - fun stuff - love the moon and the dove.

  50. Have enjoyed your post - the photos of the dove are awesome!
    Happy sunday :-)

  51. The shadows on the daffodils are absolutely lovely. Enjoy your spring----finally!

  52. You are always so creative with a great eye for photography! Love those dove shots!

  53. Wonderful 'stay at home' weather))) Have a great week!
    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

  54. My favourite of the weekend is dive preening. A wonderful capture

    Much love...

  55. You brought a breath of fresh air to my day. I LOVE the two pics of the pigeons. I grew up with pigeons all around me. This captured their essence. Happy PPF!
    ~~ Irene

  56. Good job on the collage. I had fun making some of those in college. And lovely bird shots. Happy preening.

  57. Lovely photos! I really enjoy seeing the dove preening itself.

  58. Carol, I hope you are feeling better! The doves are so pretty preening -- I can see blue in their feathers when they're all ruffed up -- its like they are wearing pretty 'under clothing' beneath their gray outer feathers.

    You always make me smile -- I hope you and your Muse are smiling too. Thanks for this lovely post.

  59. I hope you're feeling better soon.
    I began a painting, I wasn't too happy with it, but I like your attitude! I was creative, at least...

  60. Hello Carol!:) After a busy weekend, I'm still trying to catch up with my late comments. So sorry you have not been feeling well, and hope you get your mojo back very soon.

    Lovely shots of the doves, their feathers look like a frilly dress.:)

  61. Lovely waterside shots Carol! Terrific detail in the dove photo!


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