Another blog week begins on Cape Ann MA.
We have photography, haiku, art and links
to those types of blogs too. Grab a cup of tea,
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'The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness
and the power of contemplation than upon mere
~ Aristotle

Our World Tuesday ~ 
Calm waters on Cape Ann MA but an overcast sky ~ 

Ruby Tuesday Too
Love the clusters of poppies here on Cape Ann MA

ABC Wednesday ~ letter is U
U~ A Unusal May on Cape Ann MA ~ 
It feels like winter yet there are a few boaters out on the
water ~ notice the 'no wake sign' ~
Good boaters obey this sign especially around sailboats
small boats and kayakers.

Watery Wednesday ~ 
Hearty Boaters on Cape Ann MA  ~ Here you can see 
the 'wake' from another boat speeding by.

Thankful Thursday ~ 
Thankful that the flowers on Cape Ann MA are blooming
despite the ever changing weather.

Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Skies on Cape Ann MA lately always seem to be
ominous at the end of the day.

Haiku My Heart with Rebecca ~
There is 'hope' on Cape Ann MA ~ weather has got to
improve ~ right? Anyway ~ a haiku (haiga) for you.

Paint Party Friday ~ 
Exploring 'etegami' again and it must be Cape Ann MA influence that I keep going back to 'fish'.

Saturday Critters and Camera Critters ~ 
This seagull loves to visit the deck on Cape Ann MA.

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
When there is sun on Cape Ann MA, makes for good shadow shots ~ not much sun lately, though ~ Memorial Day feels like winter still ~ cold and rainy. 

Sunday Sketches ~ 
Trying my hand at 'fish' again ~ photo is a bit gray ~ doubt we 
have 'angel fish' on Cape Ann MA ~ do have 'angels'. 

The Best for Last ~ 
'This weather is for 'the birds' 

We are wishing you a happy week. ^_^

Your posted comments are a treasure to us thanks ~ ^_^ 

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  1. Love this series of photos, your sketches are very enjoyable and your best for the last is such a cutie.

  2. A nice post for the week - I love the ominous skies above the water in your first shot. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Beautiful Spring skies; stately yachts, beautiful sailboats; and perfect art (pictures and words).... I love the fish and the bright red poppies.
    as always a smile-prompting post. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the one of the seagull!

  5. The beautiful water views and boats...and those wonderful poppies- oh my! Which school-love it! And poor Zoe looks like she wants a sweater, or some snuggle time:)

  6. oh I love poppies- so bright and vibrant, have a good week :-)

  7. A busy post. Love those yacht photos. I have always wanted to sail on one. I have been on a tiny sailing vessel. More like a racing vessel. I have had visions of sailing and drifting about in luxury. ;) I rather enjoy the cooler temps but I have read it has been bad for migrating shorebirds. Sad about that. Have a sunny week full of fishes, family and friends.

  8. The fish are my favorites this week!
    Have a good one!

  9. so many gorgeous images but ruby tuesday, wow, what a beauty!!!

  10. I enjoyed your gorgeous photos! The poppies are very pretty. And I love your fish sketches!

  11. I love the break in the clouds of the first shot. That's what life often feels like, underneath it all is bright. The shadow shot is very intriguing.

  12. Nice contrast of a restless sky and calm water. It's that cold up there is it? I've heard some complaints from people here but I love this weather which is cloudy and rainy, but also in the 60s. That will change very soon so I'm enjoying it while I can. I like your fish drawing, is that watercolor?

  13. I love the seagull and paintings! Have a great Wednesday!


  14. So May is cold?
    Overhere its quit warm, some days are to hot to act in a normal way brrrrr

    Have a united, splendid AbC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-team)
    In less then 6 weeks starting Round 21

  15. Love all the fish, especially the angel. Nice calm waters, hope it warms up for you soon.

  16. "Which school are you going to?" Hahahahahaha.

    I planted those kinds of poppies in the backyard. Well, actually, I tossed the seeds in the air. So, they've sprouted all around, but because I haven't given them much water, they don't bloom heartily. Maybe next year I'll be better.

  17. Hello, I love your beautiful flowers. The view of the sailboats is lovely too. Wonderful series of photos and post. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  18. I loved this little look at your week. Enjoy the start of summer and have a wonderful week ahead.

  19. Love those bright orange flowers!

  20. I love all your photos, interesting to get more views of your area, looks like the little one has been to the beauty salon.
    Take care, Gordon.

  21. I love the fish you painted and the sailboats...makes me long for the sea! Hugs!

  22. I like seeing those Poppies. They have the best color. We have some here in KY. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  23. Seagulls always remind me holidays in England ! Beautiful pictures !

  24. Lovely art and photos. Those fishes are gorgeous! Have a great weekend and happy PPF, hugs Valerie

  25. Love the etegami fish! So neat. Also, your photos are gorgeous, especially the red-orange flowers.

  26. Great post with lovely snaps... like the quiet calm sea and splendid flower shots.

  27. Great post, lovely quote of Aristotle and such wonderful blossoms of poppies. It's a time to healing indeed...with all the beauty of nature around us. Some rains, cloudy skies in here, as well, but still lovely for last days of Spring, i think. *-* summer is just around the corner...;) Sweet little Zoe...
    best regards and a lovely weekend to you! Alexa

  28. Really like this post. Especially fond of your Asian style painting of a fish. As for the No Wake signs, here, if you disobey them, you can get a hefty ticket!

  29. Lovely post of art and photos.
    Happy PPF ❤

  30. Luv your Fish 'etegami' ; Happy PPF

    much love...

  31. What gorgeous skyscapes and I love the fishies!

  32. Nice week in review. I likes your fish sketch. I want to get more practice using art media. - Margy

  33. Zoe is one smart pup! Love your pop of color, those poppies are so brilliant against the gray skies! So grateful for the spring green that is emerging. Your which fish school? etegami made me laugh out loud! Thank you Carol for this week of gifts from your part of the world! Have a beautiful weekend my east coast friend!

  34. ZOE is as cute as ever, and love that seagull and the beautiful bay and sky . such a beautiful place

  35. I was almost positive that I stopped by yesterday, but don't see my comment, so will give it another go.... Loving your seagull and of course Zoe is always the best. You live in such a gorgeous area!!

  36. There's something fishy about your sketches this week!

  37. Wow your photos and art are just amazing.

  38. I love them all! I just took a lovely canoe ride!
    Wakes are something that gets me ticked off!

  39. Yes, we kayakers love people who follow the no wake rule. It looks like things have not warmed up totally where you live, and I love your little puppy dog.

  40. Your dramatic sky photos are so gorgeous!

  41. thought i had left on comment already here...guess not lol must have fallen asleep on the keyboard :p

    love the fish and the poppy photos :) would love to grow some here but as soon as you plant them they go everywhere lol

  42. Awesome collection of meme contributions!

  43. I love that first photo of calmness...beautiful! Your 'etegami fish are PERFECT! Love the colors, too. :)


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