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'When humor goes, there goes civilization.'
~ Erma Bombeck

Buddhas in the Shadows
Since we don't see many critters and are not 'birders'
this is our contribution to critters 'any kind of critters.'
And of course, The best critter  for last. ^_^

'The best for Last'
Ms. Zoe resting and finally feeling better now. Grateful ^_^

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'artmusedog' aka zoe



  1. Hari OM
    &*>... love the piggies and of course you steal the show, Miss Z!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Hello Carol, the statue is cute. I always enjoy seeing your sweet dog. I appreciate your joining in with my 200th Critter party. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Lovely Buddhas - they are as deep in thought about something as we often are thinking of them! Perhaps she is deep in thought, but most likely in dreams!

  4. Love that quote. Beautiful images too!

  5. those little statues are pretty cute (so is zoe of course) :)

  6. Haha, so cute.
    And I always think my mushrooms are critters as well.

  7. Cute shadow shot and glad Zoe is feeling better.

  8. I like that Buddha photo! Lovely dog!

  9. Very cute photos! Glad Zoe is feeling better.

  10. I've never seen doggie buddhas-love them! Happy to see Ms Zoe resting and feeling better.

  11. adorable photos- especially of your special pup- glad to hear he is better!

  12. ooops I meant to say glad to hear SHE is feeling better!

  13. So pleased Ms. Zoe is feeling better.
    Liked all of your photo's.

    All the best Jan

  14. Lovely contribution and cute doll critters! Hope Zoe feels well soon

  15. Those Buddha dogs are adorable! And Zoe is such a sweetheart. I'm glad she is feeling better :-)


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