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'Whatever makes an impression on the heart
seems lovely to the eye.' ~ Saadi

This donkey was looking so content and loved.
Can you feel and see the love?

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  1. Hello, I love the sweet donkey. Adorable critter and photo. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. How sweet. We love seeing the donkeys in the fields here and stop to feed them carrots sometimes. Enjoy your day sweet lady. Hugs!

  3. Hari Om
    Can certainly see the desire for love... more please! YAM xx

  4. Oh what a loving little donkey!

  5. Awww that's a great picture as you have captured the warm feelings of love & contentment on the sweet donkey's face!

  6. Hi Carol. Yes, donkeys have a certain something that is so hard to define. Who could walk past a donkey without saying hello? No one I would guess.

  7. Very content! The farmer whose property adjoined onto part of the back of our property where I grew up had a couple of them in with the dairy cows. They were quite good at keeping them calm, and for whatever reason, one of the dogs absolutely despised them.

  8. What an adorable critter and photo.

  9. a beautiful quote and oh that sweet donkey, yes I can see and feel the love. I want him:)

  10. He is a sweet critter! Love the color!

  11. Oh oh oh oh oh!!!!! I love donkeys nd this one is so CUTE and sweet!

  12. Aw what an adorable donkey! He/she certainly looks very content :-) Such a sweet and happy face!

  13. Such a sweet donkey, lovely photograph.

    All the best Jan


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