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'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The
purpose of life is to give it away.'
~ Pablo Picasso

Haiku for you from Cape Ann MA

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  1. dear carol,
    thank you for being a voice of love and gratitude. you are a haven of beauty and compassion. your ability to look for the light in all lifts my heart.

  2. Beautiful haiku/card, Carol. Love the words as well as the little hearts.

  3. Memories, indeed, what would we do without them! Wishing you well and a grand weekend!

  4. Hari OM
    My your heart be ever-lifted! YAM xx

  5. Very nice! Perfect for the day.

  6. This is so nice and works at so many levels, linking the past the present and the future, in the way that the past the present and the future are linked in all of us. Great.... and in just 17 syllables.

  7. Life would be drab indeed without memories to feast on!

  8. Precious memories... they light the way to what is new, just as you have said so eloquently in your haiku. Thank you Carol!

  9. Warm and beautiful, i love your haiku !

  10. really beautiful haiku and quote too. Happy weekend!

  11. I thought that I'd already commented - apparently not.....
    I love the way that you link the past, present and future in this haiku, all in just 17 syllables. excellent.
    Have a good week.

  12. New beginnings, yes there in hope lies
    Happy Sunday carol

    much love...

  13. What a joy this new weblog is Carol. Your haiku is a beautiful scene and in it hides a wonderful message. "New warm beginnings" ... sometimes we all need to change our path to explore new things ...


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