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'What you give, you will receive, although, it
might sometimes come from the place
you least expect. 
~ Coelho

Here on Cape Ann MA notice the swirl of white water ~ 
discovered it was a backlash from surf washing ashore
from the next village over. Thought it might be
some ocean critter ~ nope just the ocean after a storm

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  1. Lovely shot. I could watch the water all day.

  2. hari OM
    Interesting pattern! Here, such patterns are created by the tides and the lie of the channel... YAM xx

  3. Love the quote. So very true.

    There are lots of different colors in the water and each from something different. Good to know what is what when you're in a boat.

    Have a fabulous day, Carol. Lovies and scritches to Zoe. ♥

  4. almost looks like a sand dune/drift in the water

  5. That would have been quite some 'critter'!

  6. It looks still very cold to me. Hope you are warming up right now.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  7. It must be fascinating to live so close to the ocean.

  8. beautiful. Won't be much longer and I'll be seeing the ocean again:)

  9. It's always so interesting to see how underwater currents and weather events help to create shadings and hues on the surface. Ocean art!

  10. It's amazing what different currents and tides can do.
    I liked your photograph.

    All the best Jan


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