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  1. There is nothing quite as handsome as a rose.

  2. Beautiful rose! Have a great day!

  3. Hari OM
    OH for smellyvision!!! YAM xx

  4. Such beautiful flowers. They made me smile.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Carol. Scritches to Zoe. ♥

  5. So pretty!
    I miss having flowers (or any plants) in the kitchen.
    4 cats make it impossible to have flowers or plants any where inside!

  6. That is so darn pretty we can almost smell it!

  7. We love roses! The Female Human brings them in from the garden...and we eat them!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto & The Tribe of Five

  8. Pretty, pretty, nice array and shapes and colors.
    I saw a little pup that looked like Zoe today but all white so I'm assuming a Westie, and it was in a car with the front windows open a bit (it was 82˚ today). I was on the phone about to report them and then was going to see if they'd make an announcement in the store when the owner came out. How do we get through to people? Anyway, please give Zoe an extra sweet hug and kiss for me.

  9. I love roses, beautiful Carol

    All the best Jan

  10. What a beautiful rose. So pretty. Great job on the picture.

  11. Lovely flower vase and cute little angel!


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