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A haiku for you from Cape Ann MA

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  1. And if you don't have an umbrella, then a plastic bag will do! Enjoy your rain, Carol. We out West don't know what that wet stuff is anymore.

  2. I love that first line. So much in five syllables! May you and sweet Zoe stay warm and dry and cozy all weekend long! Thank you Carol!

  3. Hari OM
    HAH! Needed this one today - a jumper too, as the temps plummet! YAM xx

  4. It's raining here too. And I came to work without an umbrella. For got it at home.

  5. We always do just that, since we only have two seasons, wet and hurricane.

  6. Storm brewing here. It may pass to the north. LOVE our unpredictable nature.

  7. After a long, hot Summer I welcome the rain. Got my raincoat out of the closet and an umbrella standby... sing in the rain! Enjoy!

  8. We waiting all this weeks to rain.
    But it is not enough for the nature.
    That´s awful for the gras and animals.

  9. We've had too much rain where I live recently. I'm hoping for a period of dryness without any need for an umbrella.

  10. how apropos this haiku is with all the rain and sun and rain and sun, etc. we've been having for weeks now. I do enjoy summer rain though:)

  11. I wish we had some of that rain here in the pacific Northwest. It is way tooo dry.


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